ThatJustHappened: Combat Event Announcement Mod

I have been playing with this addon all weekend, and loving it.

I have setup all my tanking cooldowns to broadcast using it and a few other events, its ace

The curse version is broken, but there is a working verison at

To setup a new event, either use a already written on or type /tjh and set it up on the GUI. Its super easy to use.

A few examples from maintankadin

Taunt Resisted:
/tjh rule SPELL_MISSED;YourName;;Righteous Defense;self;RAID_WARNING;Taunt failed on *target.
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Concussion Blow;;SAY;Stunned!
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Concussive Throw;;SAY;Stunned!
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Shield Bash;;SAY;Stunned!
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Hammer of Justice;;SAY;Stunned!
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Paralyzing Poison;;SAY;Stunned!
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Throw Shield;;SAY;Stunned!
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Fel Stomp;;SAY;Stunned!
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;War Stomp;;SAY;Stunned!
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Drunken Skull Crack;;SAY;Stunned!
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Kidney Shot;;SAY;Stunned!
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Cheap Shot;;SAY;Stunned!
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Pounce;;SAY;Stunned!
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Knockdown;;SAY;Knocked down!
Misdirection finishes (helpful for hunters):
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_REMOVED;;PlayerName;Misdirection;;SAY;Misdirection finished.
Gouge (drops aggro temporarily)
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Gouge;;RW;Gouged! Temporary aggro drop.
Divine Intervention
/tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;PlayerName;;Divine Intervention;;RAID;
Mortal Strike
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Mortal Strike;;SAY;Mortal Strike!
Avenging Wrath
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;PlayerName;Avenging Wrath;;PARTY;Wings popped.
Disarm Warning
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Disarm;self;SAY;Disarmed! Watch threat!
Warrior taunts off your target:
/tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;WarriorName;;Taunt;target;SELF;*source taunted my target.
Druid taunts off your target:
/tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;DruidName;;Growl;target;SELF;*source taunted my target.
Death Knight taunts off your target (Death Grip):
/tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;DKName;;Death Grip;target;SELF;*source taunted my target.
Death Knight taunts off your target (Dark Command):
/tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;DKName;;Dark Command;target;SELF;*source taunted my target.
Paladin taunts off of you:
/tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;;YourName;Righteous Defense;;SELF;*source taunted from me.
Paladin taunts off your target (HoReck):
/tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;PaladinName;;Hand of Reckoning;target;SELF;*source taunted my target.
Lay on Hands cast:
/tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;;;Lay on Hands;raid;RAID;*source cast Lay on Hands.
Lay on Hands cast by you:
/tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;YourName;;Lay on Hands;;RAID;Lay on Hands cast!
Divine Protection cast:
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_APPLIED;;;Divine Protection;self;SAY;Shield wall up!
Divine Protection fades:
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_REMOVED;;;Divine Protection;self;SAY;Shield wall over!
You cast Hand of Protection on someone:
/tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;YourName;;Hand of Protection;SELF;*target;HoP'd!
You cast Hand of Salvation on someone:
/tjh rule SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS;YourName;;Hand of Salvation;SELF;*target;Salved!
Your Sacred Shield falls off:
/tjh rule SPELL_AURA_REMOVED;YourName;;53601;SELF;SELF;Sacred Shield fell off.