Raid Target(Monday): Lich King!

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For on Lich King P3 we will change something for P3, we want to ensure we have all 3 ads moving the same direction so we can cleave and do quick switching between them. To get that we will have the raid hug spot slightly of center to make sure they go the same way, this will result in slightly shorter distance for them to travel though.

Please se the pic below for further clarification.

Left pic is for Valkyers spawning and right pic is for when defile is being casted.

We will also have 3 groups of dps assigned to each add, and stunning for that.
The groups will be:

Team 1


Main target: Karei
Stunner: Beven

Team 2


Main target: Geegee
Stunner: Novak

Team 3


Main target: Titan
Stunner: Zidh

All not mentioned on the list is FFA.

We won't go by marks fully to start with but with targeting, the Valkyries do not spawn at the same time but in a close series after each other. In short they come down one after another in a very quick manner.

Team 1 will take the first Valkyrie, Team 2 take the second one and Team 3 take the 3rd add.
To make it easier for most to get quick targeting to se this we will have 1 player in each Team to be the main targeting. They will be on the MT list and you can make an assist macro.

Who that is the "Main targeter" for each Team is posted as the 'Target' player in the team assignments above.

Stunning we have 3 paladins in each grp, they will use their hammer when ever they can.
We will start of with a mass aoe Holy wrath, followed by hammer followed by any other stuns available.

Each Team is responsible for making sure their Valkyrie is slowed at all times.