Usefull Shaman Macros

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Thougt i could help out by sharing some of my game macros to my fellow shamans witch i use in a large extent, every day.
Looked thro the posts here and i think there arent a post like this alredy.

Got my these macros from self lerning and the wow europe forums.

EDIT: These relic swapping macros no longer work, since this change:"Equipping an item will now cancel any spell cast currently in progress." That came with Patch 2.4.3.!!

- Healing Wave totem macro -
- Chain Heal totem macro -
- Lesser Healing Wave totem macro -

These macros will when used right will give you about 80+ healing to all of your healing spells.

What you do is simply make a macro for casting your heal spell, down ranked or not.
Then you put in a /equip macro for the totem that works with that spesific heal spell.

Like this:

#showtooltip Healing Wave(Rank 12)
/cast Healing Wave(Rank 12)
/equip Totem of Spontaneous Regrowth

#showtooltip Chain Heal(Rank 5)
/cast chain heal(rank 5)
/equip Totem of Healing Rains

#showtooltip lesser Healing Wave(Rank 3)
/cast Lesser Healing Wave(Rank 3)
/equip Totem of the Plains

Q: How come this works?
A: It works cause you don't need to have the totem equiped when you START to cast the heal to get the heal benefit, it only depends on if you have it equiped when the heal LANDS.
Since this macro equips the totem while your casting, the totem will be on when the heal lands and you get the extra healing from it.

Note: It takes abit of training to get it right, like if you press the macro while in silence or stunn will make you equip the totem before the heal starts and giving you a 1sec GCD before you can start the heal, so be carefull or use unmacrod heals for those times.

- NS Instant heal -

Basically what this macro do it's making your NS + Healing wave working with just one click insted of 2 and putting in a use from one of your heal tinkets to get maximized heal from it since it allways is used at moment where you need a HIGH heal FAST.

#showtooltip Healing Wave(Rank 12)
/stopmacro [target=harm, dead]
/use Essence of the Martyr
/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast Healing Wave(Rank 12)

Note: the [target=harm, dead] command is making sure the spell is only cast when you have a friendly player targeted that is alive.

- ES interupt-

Just a simpel macro for fast spellinterupt without "wasting" mana on it, and with the stopcasting part you can be in the middle of a spell and with a fast click on the macro get the interupt off.

#showtooltip Earth shock(rank 1)
/cast Earth shock(rank 1)

-Chain Lightning, totem macro-
-Lightning bolt, totem macro-

These work just the same as the first i posted on the healing macros to equip the totem for the spesific spell during your casting it.

#showtooltip Lightning Bolt(rank 12)
/cast Lightning Bolt(rank 12)
/equip Totem of the Void

#showtooltip Chain Lightning(Rank 6)
/cast Chain Lightning(Rank 6)
/equip Totem of the Void

Note: You can add an Tinket /use here to, making you allways use the tinket as soon as it's of CD.

Thats about it, the macros i have and think is usefull. hope i was to some help and feel free to add more here if you have any macros you would like to share