The Vigi-Asylum Periodical

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The Vigi-Asylum Periodical

After a friendly kick in the butt to get me moving again by officers, I am here again with the pleasure to introduce you the “Vigi-Asylum Periodical”. The core of this concept is to give the guild members a regular update (hoping for every two or three weeks) about what has been going on. It will report on how we have done from a social as well as a raiding perspective, what was good, what was bad, what the current hot topics are for the leadership and what to look forward to in upcoming weeks.

What is still needed is a good name (obviously) so feel free to post ideas on that.

The last few weeks

Vigi's social side
We recently undertook a large task by inviting our new members coming from Inspiration. This was a big and bold step for everyone being part of it. Several issues have arisen, for example rotation counts actually getting worse and of course the general challenge of how to best learn from each other's “way of playing”-habits. The most important point is though, we are happy to have you with us! Yes there were some not so pleasant- or friendly looking comments from a few old-timers but that has been dealt with though for the most part, so I hope that Vigilantes has been able to give you guys a warm welcome!

In addition to our new members from Inspiration, we have witnessed the entry of two other recruits, Facecruncher and Helsrazer, they are still on their trial, so don't stop torturing them quite yet!

Where there are pleasant events, there are also unpleasant ones.
We had quite some turmoil over the past weeks/days, also involving myself, and unfortunately lost two of our long time members in the process of it. Mitter and Sofiie have left us. This is a loss for sure, but I want to wish both Mitter and Sofiie all the best for your future and keep in touch with your old guild mates!

Vigi's raiding side
A bit more than two weeks ago marked Vigilantes' first venture into Gruul's Lair. It marked the return of the bigger raids. Many people, including myself were longing for events bigger than Karazhan. This step also meant a reduction of our time spent in Karazhan, however, the reduced Karazhan and the time in Gruul's Lair have proven rather successful. The third Gruul's Lair raid resulting in the guild getting its second person with T4 shoulders. Almost at the same time as our beginning adventure to Gruul's Lair significant progress has also been achieved in Karazhan, this week marks the third death of the Prince; even more T4 pieces for our raiders. Good work everyone, keep it up!

Unfortunately there have been some hickups, last Thursday's raid 1 went bad, with no bossed being downed. There have been different opinions regarding the reasons of the failure, ranging from bad luck with add-selection, over general lack of focus and/or flexibility by the raiders up to class balance on the event roster. Unfortunately the bad Thursday was followed by a bad Friday as well for raid 1 as in it didn't take place due to lack of signups. This was a bad period and this is not the place to conduct an individual raid review but let me just add that the whole affair has been looked into very intensely and there is no one single reasons. In future we will do our best to predict and prevent such things, but keep in mind that there will always be a risk of unpredicted elements causing a failure, nothing, or should I say no officer team, can prevent that.

Officer gossip: the current hot topics
The officer area is very busy these days so let me give you a short outline of the topics we are discussing and working on solving.

The current rules are rather outdated and not very specific, that goes both for the guild- and raid rules. There is an initiative underway to get them up to date and more specific, including direct consequences in cases of non-compliance. This shall not only get our raiding side up to the speed where we aim to be but also make it more clear to everyone what is expected of them. The updated rules will also make it a lot easier to enforce them, and includes consequences for the officers if they fail to fulfill their tasks of enforcing the rules. Stay tuned for the final rules, they are close than you might think!

Raid attendance:
With the new website the displayed stats on the event pages, namely the attendance % are not entirely accurate yet, however the accurate data shows that the attendance is way lower than what we want and need it to be. Soon we will be prioritizing people with a high attendance/signup rate more heavily than before. In other words, your signup rate will have a much larger impact on the decision if you get into a raid and to which raiding team you are assigned. Better start signing up folks!

This is a really hot topic, especially due to many of our people having to be rotated way too often and sometimes without a clear reason on why. This topic is just as difficult to solve as it is hot. However the first step is increasing the importance and prioritization of higher signup rates. The updated rules (which will include under what circumstances people are replaced on a raid) may help solve this problem as well. How can you help with tackling this issue? Simple: sign up often and sign up early. When signups are open for an event that you know you can/want to join, hit that signup button! No matter how many signups the first Kara raid of the week has, we can't accurately judge if a third raid is viable if we have just 8 signups for the last one of the reset period.

Lines of communication, officer tasks:
We are starting a renewed approach at defining the specific officer tasks, this will not only streamline our processes and clear interfaces for the class-leaders and members in general. If we manage to get this done the details will be posted up after having been finalized. More importantly, the class leaders will have clearly defined tasks, responsibilities as well as more power to manage their class.

Outlook to the future
Pretty much all the hot topics would also belong here. So stay tuned for further updates and implementation of said concepts, from a raiding point of view especially the introduction and enforcement of the new rules along with the more heavily enforced impact of signup rates as decisive factor for raid spots.

On a more general side, we will focus our raids on becoming more efficient, in other words faster. This week's raid 2 showed that we are able to clear Karazhan including the prince within two evenings. Once we manage this on a regular basis (which I am sure we are not far away from at all) while still having some time left for tries on new bosses like Nightbane, we will start devoting more time to the 25 man raids. I am deliberately saying this in non-instance specific way. At first that additional time will focus on Gruul's Lair, until we get that place cleared but I also want us to start Magtheridon's Lair. We are still a bit away from that but it is on the horizon already for sure.

This is it for the first issue of the “Vigi-Asylum Periodical”.

Comments or suggestions are very welcome, but especially if you see any issues not brought up that you think need attention, speak to the GM when you catch him or any other officer of your choice. Maybe it is part of a more confidential discussion or we might have overlooked it, in either case, give it a go and ask!

The Vigilantes Leadership.