The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 10

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Apologies for being a little late on this episode, summer has arrived and Ive been a little distracted by the real world in the last couple of weeks.

Vigi's Social Side
Im not logged on that much at the moment but when I am its good to see that Vigi land is still a fun place to be. Having said that though I am a little concerned by one or two slightly unpleasant incidents that have occurred between people. In general Im not one for trying to control things like this, were all old enough and wise enough to know what is right and wrong, and to be able to sort things out in a sensible way. I dont expect everyone to be best friends but I do expect people to be courteous and respectful of one another. The generally good spirit we have in this guild is one of the core reasons this guild is still going strong. Not many guilds can say this so can we all make sure Vigi's stays a fun place for all. Btw, jokes about smelly bears, the french, warlocks that spend more time dead than alive, gnomes, and ofc goats, are to be encouraged Eye-wink

We have unfortunately had to say farewell to a few members in recent weeks. Always sad to see people go, but we have been lucky enough to find new members to fill the holes and its really pleasing to see the new guys settling in so well. I hope you guys are enjoying it here Smiling

Vigi's Raiding Side
After our initial whirlwind efforts in MH & BT where bosses just couldn't wait to fall over things have settled down now as we try to farm the content and get to grips with the final few bosses in BT which are still proving to be a challenge.

Illidan still stands and Im sure you are all as keen as me to see him fall. This will happen ofc, nothing stands in our way, but we may need to be a little patient. Summer is upon us which means we may struggle to put together optimal raids thus making it that little bit more difficult to progress. The margin for error on the later BT bosses is still small so this can have a serious impact on our ability to kill stuff atm. No reason to panic though or get to frustrated. Illidan will fall if we keep our spirits up and we all do our best to attend as many raids as possible. Recent recruitment has helped us and we are again close to full, so assuming you all make an effort to raid we should not have to many major issues.

I was reminded how lucky and well we are doing atm by a fellow GM who is finding it very hard to organise any raids for her guild atm. This is in turn causing cracks to appear in the guild and many frustrations to surface, which she is battling hard to resolve. Made me feel quite appreciative of what we have here. So lets be thankful for the raids we get to attend, and make use of every opportunity we have Smiling

Guildie of the Month

This month we say well done to one of our top performing mages.

Congratulations Thought
One of our strengths in this guild is our DPS and at the very heart of that team is Thought. Not only does Thought produce very high DPS but he performs all his other duties to a very high level to. Seldom do you see him die early, or see his sheep break for long. A fantastic sign up rate to which makes him a worthy GotM. Many thx for all your efforts Thought, and keep up the good work Smiling

Officer World Gossip

Recruitment has been the main focus in recent times. Shandril has put in an enormous amount of effort to try and ensure we can maintain our raiding progress so we all owe him a big thank you for that.

Outside of recruitment we havnt had a huge amount to do. Raids are running relatively smoothly. We are still making progress through the content and trying to make best use of all the loot that drops. Many of us are now very well geared in relation to the content we are currently facing.

Some of our Role Leader's/Class Leader's are working pretty hard atm to integrate the new guys into the vigi way of doing things. Good work guys.

The expansion is still far enough in the future to not be of major concern yet, although minor discussions are already going on.

We continue to use people in non primary roles to provide raid flexibility when its needed. We may see more of this going on during the summer months when signups are likely to be more volatile.

Outlook for the future

Many guilds are struggling atm. We are working hard to make sure we dont suffer the same problems. We are close to completing BT which is the goal we set ourselves for TBC. Its within our grasp, we have the players to do it so lets make sure we finish the job we started. If we continue to get good signups then we will look to gear the raid up further and head to Sunwell which looks to be a lot of fun.

Morg Smiling