The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 11

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Vigi's Social Side
Summer is here and not surprisingly the guild feels a little quieter than normal, at least outside raid times. I hope you are all making best use of any sunshine we get although it doesnt seem to be that much here in the UK. Or maybe you are just watching the olympics, Chaosim is I'm sure. The weekly Kara seems to be surviving which is nice to see, giving opportunity to casual and alts alike to have some fun. ZA is starting to make a come back, or should I say the bear mount run. We missed completing the event by just 4 seconds on Friday night and with a few mistakes along the way it is something that is well within our grasp now. It would be great to have some bear mounts in the guild so please help support it.

Vigi's Raiding Side
Its been a long time coming hasnt it, but Master Illidan is no more. He may well continue to yell "you are not prepared" at us but we now know it is he who is not prepared! It was a fantastic moment when he finally fell, and the way we did it was pretty special, a great moment for all that were there. But ofc many others have helped us along the way so its been very much a guild effort, and to those that havnt yet experienced an Illidan kill it wont be long before you do.

With the death of Illidan comes the completion of the guilds main mission in TBC. It really is quite an achievement and is something I am personally very proud to have been a part of. A truly epic adventure which has had its highs and lows but hopefully youve all had as much fun as me along the way.

Another one of our missions for TBC was to change the guild from a casual raiding guild to one that showed a little more comittment and purpose towards it raiding. We have definately made progress towards that goal so I really want to thank you all for the effort you guys have put in. Its been a real team effort Smiling and I think I can safely say that we are now the most successful 4 day raiding guild on the server, at least on the Alliance side. But dont think its time to relax, Im convinced we have the potential to be even better, something that our Illidan kill showed, so the pressure to improve on an individual basis and as a team remains.

Whilst I am in the mood for thanking people I would just like to say thanks to Scypher for all his help with running the raids. As many of you know hes off back to college soon and wont be around to boss us about so much. We wait to see how much time he will find to play the game, but Im predicting his success with the ladies will be minimal (your not trying to tell us your going back to college to learn are you? Sticking out tongue) so he'll soon find his way back to us Eye-wink Thanks for all your help m8, and have fun Smiling

We do have a replacement though and thus it is with great pleasure that I announce that Myrah will be starting to lead some raids. Its not an easy thing to do so please be gentle with him and be sure to give him your full support.

Guildie of the Month

This month we say well done and thank you to another one of our core members.

Congratulations Destressed
Our hunter team has changed much in TBC but one name remains. Destressed. She has shown a comittment to this guild that not many can match and that is something I value very strongly. Hard work has seen her performance go from strength to strength as we have battled our way through TBC. Her preparation and approach to raiding is exactly what we need from all our raiders. There is a real desire to understand what it will take to defeat our foes, which starts before we even see the face of our enemy and continues through the learning experience. And if that isnt enough then I would just like to say thank you for helping to make this guild a fun place to be Smiling

Officer World Gossip

Surprise surprise, but recruitment remains at the forefront of our thoughts as we try to maintain our ability to run successful raids. Not prompted by people leaving so much but more to do with a drop in signup rates for a significant minority.

A little word of warning... This guild (your guild) is not a casual guild, it is a raiding guild and hence depends on the continued support of its members. For the raiders this means there is an expectation that you sign up to raids, follow the raid rules, keep yourself upto date with what is happening in the guild, and do what is asked of you in a timely manner. We are accomodating of things such as vacations and most real life events but there is a limit to how much 'good will' we can grant each of you. At the moment some of you are failing to support the guild in the way we expect. Sadly, this means that some may loose their raider status. It is not something I look forward to doing and I still hope that some of you can start to show the comitment we need from you, but time is running out. If you are someone who is struggling to comit at the moment and you havnt informed me of the reasons then can you do so urgently.

On a more positive note, the upgrade lists are now up and running and a fine addition to our website they are to. Thank you Beat for all your efforts there. Many of you have picked up on them and been pro active in making lists. As time goes on we expect these lists to be an important tool in trying to manage our raiding schedule and ensure we get you guys geared up as fast as possible. But it is only as good as the information in it and as such it is one of those eluded to "must do" things that we expect all our raiders to complete.

Outlook for the future

With the death of Illidan the world is again at peace. The expansion is still some way off (wonder how many times I will say this before it finally arrives) but our thirst to find a good battle remains. Sunwell Plateau offers us that so all hands on deck, raise the anchor, fly the sails, its time to head off to pastures new. Fighting is what we do so lets go kick some ass!

Morg Smiling