The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 12

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Its been a while since I last 'infected' you with some thoughts/news so here goes for another periodical, and my last of this TBC campaign.

Vigi's Social Side
What to say here? My online presence, or should I say lack of it, makes it hard for me to judge whether the guild remains a fun and social place to be. I surely hope so although I dare say it is not without its moments of tension and drama, but show me a guild that isnt.

We have recruited quite a few new friends in recent weeks so a very warm welcome to all of you, I hope you are enjoying your time here and looking forward to riding the Vigi rollercoaster in WLK. Just remember to fasten your seatbelt!

Vigi's Raiding Side
TBC is coming to a close and hence another chapter in Vigi history is about to be sealed shut. It was a good chapter though and we achieved what we hoped to and a little bit more besides. So we should be pretty proud and happy with how things have turned out. Even more so when you look around at the turmoil that other guilds have been experiencing of late. We are not immune from problems/difficulties and Im sure we all get frustrated from time to time but we did good, real good.

With the recent insane nerf that Blizzard made to all instances, 'real' raiding effectively finished a few weeks ago. But there is no doubt we finished on a high. After several weeks of trying to defeat Kalecgos we were still without anything to show for all our efforts. One last raid remained though, before the big nerf would hit. A tense raid for sure and with only 30 minutes left on the clock we pulled it out of the bag and got ourselves a well earned scalp. A truly memorable moment.

We took our time in getting that kill and I would argue thats an area we must try to work on. We have the skill and the capability to be faster, we just need a little more self belief and determination to make it happen. Full marks for persistance though, we kept going and going where others may have given up although I dare say there were moments when all of us wondered if it was ever gonna happen. Its good to know we have a bit of backbone though.

I hope you have all enjoyed the easy raiding of the past few weeks. Sorry the rotations have been so high for some but were going through a transition period atm which means we currently have to many players for just a single raid, but with no real alternative 10 man venue we couldnt really hope to run a 2nd raid atm.

Guildie of the Month

This time we say well done and thank you to a dwarf!

Congratulations Beven
A relatively new member to the team but already a trusted and valued member. Whilst he hasnt been here long his contribution to both the healing team and the guild in general has been great. Many thanks for the support Beven. It's also noticable that you have been working hard on developing your skills so keep up the good work, and feel free to pass on some tips to me as I transition to a healing role Smiling

Officer World Gossip

WLK WLK WLK. We are steadily working our way through the various items that need to be addressed for WLK. Quite a few things remain unresolved but that is to be expected at this moment in time. The basic framework and vision is in place though, although again details need to be added but this will happen in time.

We have a new structure in place to lead and organise the guild, i.e the Guild and Raid Councils. This has resulted in an increase in the number of people helping to run the guild but that should hopefully lead to increased levels of activity in the organisational/running side of the guild. Its hard work running a guild and I for one very much appreciate the additional help/effort that other people can provide. Im also hoping we might be able to generate some more and better ideas through the enlarged council, although dont let me prevent anyone from making suggestions.

One of the things we will no doubt be spending a lot of time trying to get right is the introduction of a 2nd raid, and how exactly the progress/normal raider division should work. I'm not going to pretend I have all the answers just yet and it may take quite a bit of time to get right so were all gonna have to be a little patient. We will no doubt make a few screw ups along the way. I suspect we will still be short of players in some areas/classes/roles etc so recruitment is gonna be an ongoing thing. It is also impossible to predict how often our Normal Raiders are going to sign up so getting the 2nd raid to run regularly is gonna prove a challenge but that is what we will try to do.

I know exactly what you all want, you want to be able to sign up and raid and not be rotated endlessly. Oh yeah, I dare say you want to kill a few bosses to and get yourself some new toys. Well, thats what were going to try to give you, normal and progress raider alike, but what we need in return is for you to support your guild and be a little patient.

The last thing I want to mention now is Normal Raiding. I have no doubt people are sceptical about what this means and what the second raid can be expected to achieve. We will only really know for sure after we have tried but one thing I want to stress, being in a Normal raids, or the second raid, is not an excuse to mess about. I want to see these raids perform well and be successful. If they are not we will just put a stop to them. Of course we have to be realistic and lower our expectations, there are good reasons why it will be harder for this raid to be successful. The team may be unbalanced at times, the people in it may not be so highly geared, the team may change dramatically from one raid to the next etc etc. But that doesnt mean the raid cant be relatively successful if everyone in that raid gives it their best shot.

Outlook for the future

The arrival of TBC brought with it a lot of change, both in the approach that the guild would take and the people that would eventually make up the guild. For many it was a natural point to say goodbye to the game but for others it rekindled the fire that has driven so many of us to see this expansion through to the end. WLK will be no different. Change and uncertainity is upon us again. It is difficult to know how things will turn out. It is both an exciting and worrying time. I'm hopeful of a positive outcome but at the same time I know that hope isnt always enough. Only time will tell and it is gonna need the effort and support of every member if the guild is to see another successful expansion chapter added to its memoirs.

Morg Smiling