The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 13

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It's been a long time since one of these where written and it's also my first one. So do not expect a masterpiece like you normally got from Morg and Mantrid cause they are both far better to express themselfs in letters then i am but i'll try my best to get something together Smiling

i'd also like to in advance apologize for my spelling, it's not my strong side and there is only so mutch copy/paste into google can do Eye-wink

Vigi's Social Side
Not sure what i should say here, i think that the social side for us is working good. As far as i'v seen and noticed in general everyone is enjoying themself in the social aspect of the guild, i haven't witnessed any excessive number of drama situations. Witch is good Smiling

Vigi's Raiding Side
The Teir7 Content is finally to and end, Ulduar is now at our doorstep and we get to open up yet another chapter in the Vigilantes raiding book. New challenges awaits us in the depths of the dwarven citadel I hope your all ready and prepared for it Smiling

I think you all did a great job to keep the raiding spirit and motivation for raiding going thru all these weeks of 'farming' raids, we have all started to drop down in raid attendance and motivation for raids these last few weeks, some more then others but the main thing here is that we have managed to keep raids going at least 3 times a week all the time witch is a great achievement in it's own seeing how long time ago it was that we actually got this content on farm, i have to say i am proud of us for making it this far and still going strong!

Looking on this in a raiding perspective that we did manage to keep the raids going strong all the way till the patch is very good, that we managed to keep having learning/wipe raids. This meens that we are right now still on top, most if not all of you are at your a-game and are fully prepared for what Ulduar got to offer!

A new aspect to the raiding that blizzard is providing for us in this patch that is rather interesting, the dual specs that to say the least will be a big contribution to us. This gives us alot more flexibility in the raids, the fact that we can easily and fast switch a tank to a dps role for a boss and vice versa. Exactly how we will use this new game aspect is still undecided. I suspect that we will go with something in the lines of how we have/had it with 'Priority greed' That we have a few members that will be assigned to a secondary role to take on to raid as in a raid or on a boss when needed. The exact details on that will shortly be looked upon and decided on, we will be announcing it asap when we have all the information regarding it. It's for sure something that we will take use of, that mutch i can say Smiling

The concept of normal and progress raids i'm happy to say have worked out very well, even in the social side. We as officers have to say that we apologize to all normal raiders that we waited so long to do a joined 25man raid with both normal and progress raiders, we do feel that it's something we should and will do when ever we see fit. To let the normal raiders have some extra fun and bring the two teams together. We are after all ONE guild with two raiding teams. Not two guilds. The last thing i want to see happen is that we get a big gap in between the normal and progress team. For Ulduar, as soon as we got the instance on farm or maybe even sooner we will bring normal raiders to the progress raids.

Guildie of the Month

This time we say well done and thank you to a Master of Darkness!

Congratulations Ohhnej
A old member in ower team that have for a long time been one of ower most dedicated members and raiders, a person that have allways been around to help anywon that would need any assistance. Be it in questions regarding anything or just some help with an instance/quest. For a while now Ohhnej have been ower Range dps role leader but with with all the changes that where done to the officer team we had Ohhnej stepping up even further and taking on even more tasks for us, it could even be that right now Ohhnej is pulling the biggest work load of us all. Lastly we just now got to se him stepping up into the raid leading Role aswell, Something we definitely need right now! Thanks Ohhnej for all that you have done and is doing for us Smiling

Officer World Gossip

With the major changes in the officer team we have lately seen alot of old faces disappearing from the leading quarters of Vigilantes while getting some new fresh blood in instead. Something that to me is both good and bad. Everyone needs to slow down sometime, being an officer and being apart of the leading quarters of a guild is not something that anyone can manage to do forever. For all you that have stepped down from the officer world, again big cheer and big thanks for all your time and effort, all your work that you have put down into vigilantes. It wouldn't be the great guild that it is today without your part in it!

With the start of Ulduar the Teir7 era ends to make way for the Teir8, in this we will reset everyones VRP to 0, we all start from scratch with Ulduar. We are as of now still working on the Teir8 VRP item values and adding them into the website system. That should be sorted shortly. One thing that will be abit different from how we had it with VRP up till now is that the difference between the second highest and highest level items in each slot will be abit more. Not so mutch that we made the best in slot items so mutch more expensive but more so that we made the items that are an upgrade to you now but still not the best in slot item abit cheaper. so you can take one of those "in the middle" items without loosing to mutch vrp on it, rather then to run with heroic badge items for weeks saving for the best in slot item.

With the new instance coming this also meen that you will all have to redo and update your Upgrade lists, since the loot table for Ulduar is not yet compleat and will keep on updating as more items get's known. so will not set up a deadline for that just yet but a tip is to start working on it best you can from the items that are added into the system. Also, just cause an item get's added on wowhead does not meen it's directly added to ower system, since all items have to be added in manually.

Achievements, Achievements, some more Achievements and then some Hard modes.
Lately there have been quit alot of drama and discussions regarding this with achievements, what to do and what not to do ect. Our general plan regarding achievements and hard modes for Uldar is that we will start of Ulduar normally, do the bosses normally and just get thru the instance. When we get to a point when we feel we are good enough to take down a boss in question we might throw in an achievement in the kill. That fully depends on the difficulty level of the achievement and if there is any real 'need' to do it at that time. Same goes for hard modes. In The Teir7 content we where abit slow on starting with achievements and hard modes, that is not a mistake we will make twice (talking about major hard modes/achievements sutch as immortal, Sarth 3D and so on) We are and will hopefully shortly get a list together on all the Ulduar achievements, so we have something to go from on what we should aim for first and last and so on. But as said at start, our general aim is to get thru the instance and bosses the best we can, when we get to a point on the instance or a boss in question that we feel we can and should make a specific achievements/hard mode instead of a normal kill then we'll do that, we will try to bake in hard modes and major achievements in the raid and on bosses as soon as we feel we can handle it.

Erodin wrote:
I know exactly what you all want, you want to be able to sign up and raid and not be rotated endlessly. Oh yeah, I dare say you want to kill a few bosses to and get yourself some new toys. Well, thats what were going to try to give you, normal and progress raider alike, but what we need in return is for you to support your guild and be a little patient.

Outlook for the future

The arrival of TBC brought with it a lot of change, both in the approach that the guild would take and the people that would eventually make up the guild. For many it was a natural point to say goodbye to the game but for others it rekindled the fire that has driven so many of us to see this expansion through to the end. WLK will be no different. Change and uncertainity is upon us again. It is difficult to know how things will turn out. It is both an exciting and worrying time. I'm hopeful of a positive outcome but at the same time I know that hope isnt always enough. Only time will tell and it is gonna need the effort and support of every member if the guild is to see another successful expansion chapter added to its memoirs.

The current plan and schedule for raiding from this point on and a few weeks ahead is as follows:

Progress and Normal team:
Ulduar on all raid days of the week, starting with just normal killing and normal clearing with slowing adding achievements and hard modes to the bosses as we go by. All Tier7 Content is of now of the official raid schedule, any Teir7 instance will only be done on optional raids, Pug raids. Our aim now is getting thru Ulduar and nothing else.

Fun Fact
The word: 'Achievement' have been used 15 times in this issue, that alone must be some sort of Achievement? Eye-wink

They call Yogg-Saron an cocky old god, i think that it's about time someone teach him a lesson and that someone is Vigilantes!
Vigilantes Vs. Yogg will cause nothing less then a battle of epic proportions, a battle that will only have side coming out alive and victorious.

I know who that will be, do you?

Stay tuned and you'll se,