The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 14

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Wow its been over a year since our last issue of the Vigi-Asylum, quite a few people remembers these little essays but there are some that this will be new to (and therefore more exciting to read! Eye-wink)

Vigi's Social Side

The return of Babacloanta and Shynaski as well as new comer Mekare certainly add to the already spiced
flavour of Vigilantes guild chat. We know already that Vigi's has a good atmosphere when it comes to
the social aspect than most other raiding guilds, so lets keep it that way.

Its also nice to see so many posts on the forum where people can chat and joke and have a good time even outside of the game. I think Cataclysm has helped with some of that as central discussion topic.

Vigi's Raiding Side

Since the last issue we have improved ten fold on our content progression which is excellent, effort
from the guild and officer team (not to mention the extra-ordinary effort put in by our ever increasing list of GM's) have brought us much further than we thought.

Recently we achieved the 25 man achievement 'Glory of the Icecrown Raider' and will continue to help others who are near completing this (on an occasional basis in some cases). The achievements and hardmodes in Icecrown were quite daunting at first (remember our 1st attempt on Deathwhisper HM?Sticking out tongue), but soon these gave in and we have even mastered the vile spirits on the Lich King himself, giving us the chance to say that we truely got ourselves a perfect kill.

However our true goal now is Halion 25 Heroic, we've had some seriously good attempts over the last 2 weeks and we'll soon be able to dish out some serious hurt on pinky as well as handling the adds. I believe we'll have much the same experience when we move on the phase 2 and eventually phase 3, its a steady learning curve but as long as we improve on almost every try we will have a kill.

Meanwhile our Normal team are steaming ahead with hardmodes in ICC and soon they won't be far from having their drakes as well (Legendary Progress+Normal team mount Screenshot needed!). For Destressed, Cleo and the team Encounters such as Professor and Sindra are just ripe for the picking!

Guildie of the Month

Having not had an issue for over a year we've also not had a guildie of the month for over a year either! Before we get back into the swing of Guildie of the Month, we have a lot of catching up to do. Over the past 16 months we've had people come and go but the entire guild as a whole has always become that little bit stronger over all. Therefore for issue 14 of the Vigi-asylum Periodical congratulations everyone on Guildie of the Year!

Officer World Gossip

Since our last issue, we've had a few departures within our officers but this shouldn't deter us from our goals or mean that Vigilantes will perform any less than before. We can look back on the good times we had with them and thank them for putting the massive amounts of effort that each put into the guild. As always we are refreshing the upper guild structure with new faces to help work behind the scenes (we may even have a spot for you!).

Moving on Sticking out tongue
Its been a point on several other periodical issues but again we are talking about focus, buffing and potting in raids. We have been slowly getting better at this recently, helped by the nforcement of raid fines and Sent's potion topic Smiling. Aside from thursdays catastrophy with Saurfang we are getting slightly better on this front. The introduction of a 'buff up' timer has been able to wake some people up after a wipe which is always good Laughing out loud
However there are still some stragglers and its usually the same people, if we can get this sorted completely it could increase the progress and atmosphere of raid nights considerably.

But the two major points within the Officer world at the minute are both Ruby Sanctum and of course Cataclysm Smiling As you have all seen there is a poll up at the moment (and will remain up for a while yet) concerning what type of raiding people would like to focus on during the next expansion, at present we are still a little cloudy on what Blizzard has in store for us raid wise in Cataclysm (not talking content here) so we can not judge completely which way is best to go. However! When Cata finally does hit the shelves, we will be prepared Sticking out tongue (Though I think a certain Nightelf might dis-agree with us)

The Last point I'd like to share with everyone concerning the 'Officer world' is that we will be updating the Forum as best we can. This will involve updating many old topics, possibly removing some unneeded ones and probably creating a new application template, the goal is to keep the website user friendly and welcoming Smiling

Outlook for the Future

When we neared the end of TBC, awaiting the arrival of the Lich King, our raiding achievements were nearing their peak, with the downfall of most of the Sunwell including the dreaded Eredar Twins and almost Mu'ru. It is much the same now, I would actually be as bold as to say that if the Expansion was released in the next two or three weeks, vigilantes would end on a high note already. We have witnessed the loss of several core members but that has not held us back and the completion of the ICC25 achievements (culminating in our Drakes) has boosted Moral. The Normal team will soon have theirs (I have faith in you guys!) which will be great for both teams. We just need to make our final stand against Halion and bring him down in HM for an epic finale of the Wotlk campaign.