Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 15

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Its time for the last instalment of our very own Vigi-Asylum Periodical for our Wrath of the Lich King campaign! Since we resumed the periodical with Issue 14, we decided to write each new issue every month, however there have been a lot of changes over the past several weeks and I don't think anyone (including my self of course!) had much time to think about it.

So without further ado.. Smiling

Vigi's Social Side

With the impending Cataclysm looming over us, we've seen the return of many old faces (I guess they thought we needed a hand with Deathwing) Some may have raiding in mind but whatever they decide we're happy you're back with us, welcome back to all of you!

We've also had some more new social members (we just can't keep them away!) who I hope will settle in nicely with friends both old and new.

The Forum is as always very lively and even those that have not yet returned still nosy around to see what's kicking, but even the most stalwart ex-WoWers won't be able to stay away forever!

Vigi's Raiding Side

On to our Raiding scene! Which has actually (for Northrend) come to an end

In wake of the website crash many things went into planning concerning the site, one of them was the replacement of the VRP loot system we used to use, although it was very unique to our guild and integrated into the website, it was as huge burden on loot masters during raids, not to mention the administration needed to keep it updated. Therefore we changed recently to EPGP, a simple addon ran in game to keep track of loot and to distribute boss kills.


Since our major achievement in issue 14 (Glory of the Icecrown Raider) We've more than trippled our Frostwyrm mount count, and its not just our 25 man team, no no, our 10 man team with a massive amount of help from Both Cleo and Ultra now boast over a dozen of those bony birds!. Head over to The Drakes of Vigilantes for more info!

With this now under our belt, we had a think over what we could do to fill up the time until Deathwing's arrival Smiling Together the council's drew up a plan of action with several key points we ideally wanted to complete before the expansion hit.

These were:

  1. Anub'Arak Heroic 25 man
  2. Yogg Saron 0-lights 25 man
  3. The Ruby Sanctum Heroic 10 man
  4. The Lich King Heroic 10 man

And I'm very happy to say that all of these feats were accomplished! When we started on Anub we had so many who were new to the heroic version of the fight (myself included) that we had less than 5 people who had seen this guy when ToGC was actually endgame content Sticking out tongue

This of course led to a fair few wipe nights, however we persevered and although having superior gear to the encounter, overall it put us a more of a disadvantage concerning the life drain in phase 3. We eventually got the kill on the 2nd try of whichever night Smiling and of course I wasn't there to see it

Yogg Saron, was next up and I'm glad to say took us far less practice to ace. Our hardwork and sheer nukage brought us that great achievement and brought Alylia her very own flying gnome....head Eye-wink

Only 2 left! Suffice to say we started out thinking that both these were going to be the hardest after Anu, we were pleasently mistaken, we formed two teams (The Pro team being team 2 of course, because it was full of Gnomes Sticking out tongue) both of who stomped Halion heroic in one night!

Lastly we hit the Lich King...hard... and fell flat on our face for the 1st couple of attempts. But some team work and a few wipes (several DC's and a day for the Pro Gnome team!) Tirion woke up just in time to finish him off

Well, these were done far faster than we thought so we were again stuck with what to do. We could have ended all raids completely there and played Call of Duty or the Sims (lol) until Cata but we decided against it, 1. because the Sims is a silly game, and 2. because all our efforts for those kills gave us a boost in achievement points. We were climbing the ladder on both the 10 man and 25 man front so we decided to go all out and try and get as many points as possible!

After a couple of weeks of achievements including Earth, Wind and Fire as well as several more from Ulduar we'd overtaken several more guilds including Aquamarine to become 2nd for achievements on Doomhammer for 25 man and 5th for 10 man! Big gratz all! Laughing out loud (and then we realised guildox would be wiping all wotlk achievement ranks QQ)

Guildie of the Month

For November and the last Periodical issue before Deathwing's return, we would like to award Geegee as our Guildy of the month, Congratulations!

Geegee has been a huge help to the Normal team over the past couple of weeks, his determination to raid even spread to raid leading which was greatly appreciated by all of our Normal team raiders. I wouldn't go as far as to say that the Normal team would not be where they are today without him, because they are fully capable of overcoming any obstacle, but Geegee gave them that extra ounce of strength as their campaign in Northrend came to an end.

Officer World Gossip

We've refreshed our Officer team since issue 14 and the many new faces in there have been a massive help over the past few weeks, several of our latest achievements may not have even been possible without them. I'd like to say thank you to those that made all these possible, and ask them to keep up the good work they are doing for the guild.

It was a point in the last periodical that too many people were not coming to raids prepared for fights and the main issue was that of potions, I'm happy to see that this problem has almost disappeared now and we are back on form, we do however ask that you not get complacent and that you carry on coming prepared (that's right show Illidan he doesn't always know best Sticking out tongue)

Anyway Sticking out tongue

Our main focus at present in the Officer world is that of the raiding teams. We will be continuing with the 25 and the 10 man team in Cataclysm regardless of the fact that 25 and 10 man raids are very similar now and offer the same loot. Over the past 2 weeks we have been compiling a list using the Your Cata Plans topic that was posted a while back in order to be completely ready when Cataclysm raiding commences. These lists are now complete and all raiders who have expressed interest in the two specific teams have been accounted for.

Lastly, you may have noticed that we have got the new slap system back up and running since the website crash around 2 months ago. Make sure you are very familiar with the system and (if at all possible) don't end up being the ones who need to use it! Smiling

Outlook for the Future

This issue will mark the end to our Guildy of the Month award, fret not however! Starting with Cataclysm we will be introducing our new Guildy of the Week award! The winners of this very prestigious (are you sure?) award will be announced during each guild meeting taking place on every Sunday.


In issue 14 I stated that if Wotlk were to end then, Vigilantes would end on a high note...thank god we had to wait another 2 months! The amount we've achieved since then is staggering. several new boss kills, countless new achievements and an even greater sense of pride and accomplishment! We have very easily surpassed our standing at the end of TBC and it will be hard to reach the same level at the closing side of Cataclysm, but I have complete faith that whatever we have seen from this guild in the past or present, we will always see more in the future!

Its time to bid farewell to the frozen lands of Northrend and march back towards our homeland to face the new threat of the corrupted Dragon aspect and whatever challenges he can throw at us! See you at the Cataclysm!