The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 16

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Since the shattering of Azeroth the world has changed partly for the better.....but mostly for the worse *shakes fist at Deathwing*. Fear not however! Our brave adventurers (you!) have already begun exploring Cataclysm: (almost) the final frontier. These are the voyages of Vigilantes. Its ongoing mission: to explore strange new zones, to seek out new life and new civilizations (and then kill them), to boldly go where no guil- *wait what?* boldy go where most guilds haven't gone before!

Ok...I just watched the new Startrek...

Relatively short issue this time around (compared to issue 15 Sticking out tongue)

Vigi's Social Side

Deathwing's cataclysmic return to our world has changed a great many things, turned entire zones into lakes, destroyed towns and cities....and oh yeah, caused guilds to have member caps of around 1000, not sure how he managed that.

Anyway! We are currently just over 50% of the guild cap, however this does not mean that we don't need to worry about how many people we can take in. We have set up strict rules about casuals applying which every officer will now hopefully stick to, some people may disagree but Vigilantes is and has been a semi hardcore raid guild for quite a while now and we do not actively recruit social members.

Having said that, we do have many new faces that have made it through our gnome scanners, so I say welcome to those and I hope you have a nice time in Vigilantes

Vigi's Raiding Side

Official Cataclysm raiding has begun!

I must say that we've done a great job so far with the raid content, we started official raids what? a week ago and we have 3 bosses left? Ok ok... Sticking out tongue so we may have started raiding unofficially before the official raid start date, but still.. we were until very recently, number 1 on the server for 25 man progression! So congratulations to everyone on that, but lets continue and try and regain the spot again Smiling

We are currently working to finish off both the Bastion of Twilight and Black Wing Descent, both of which are almost complete so we should be looking at Nefarian and Cho'gall very soon.

Our teams are both gearing up at quite a steady rate and so raid progression should keep increasing which is good, 25 man will hopefully be entering heroics within the next month or so and 10 man won't be far behind Smiling


Officer World Gossip

First things first is the appointment of a new role leader Smiling despite his shortfalls..or should i say lengthy falls with the Elevator boss, he's stood out quite well in raids and helped a lot with the melee section of the team so congratulations to Blynket! Smiling We wish him all the best in his new role.

With Cataclysm now in full swing we've decided that full cataclysm flasks, food and potions are a must for every raid. At the minute we are ok with people using wotlk flasks on initial encounters until we've had a few wipes to learn the fight, but when we think we may have a kill please ensure you have the correct lvl 85 consumables.

As said in the last issue the guild fine (or slap) system has been re-implemented after a quick re-design for cataclysm so make sure you are not the ones who need to use this Smiling It is a steadily increasing fine system, meaning that your 1st fine is relatively low but once you get to your 4th or 5th it will really start hitting your savings!

Lastly, we've been slacking lately with the new Guildy of the week award so we will review this again and hopefully start it either this week or next.

Outlook for the Future

With a new Expansion comes new adventures, new encounters and new nerd screams for the 1st kills! Sticking out tongue We hope everyone has a great amount of fun raiding through Cataclysm with us and we hope to achieve an even better server ranking than we did in Wrath of the Lich King, so lets buckle up and get to those heroics!