Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 17

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Time for another periodical, it's been a while since the last one and quite a lot has happened in the guild since! so lets get down to business Smiling

Vigi's Social Side

As our guild level rises and the guild ever expands, we are meeting many many more players from the glorious realm that is Doomhammer Smiling We've had several more members join to have a laugh in game and just enjoy the social aspect of WoW, so we say welcome to the newcomers! We hope you feel comfortable in your new guild and above all have fun Smiling after all its your game!

Vigi's Raiding Side

So, 10 weeks after Official Cataclysm raiding began and we've bounced around a bit as far as progression is concerned. We started very well with realm 1st on 25 man content, however this was inevitably going to end as the 5 day 25 man guilds began to get into the swing of things. However we still managed to hold our own and cleared up all 25 man content apart from Nefarian! (damn that fat dragon)...

Unfortunately we have now had to make a big decision for the 25 man raid team because of decreasing signups and everyone yearning for progression. It is not what we would have preferred but for now we have decided to go with 2x 10 man teams in order to keep raiding at a competitive level on the realm.

However, all is not lost! after switching to 10 man raid format we have actually progressed at a steady rate and already hold 2 heroic bosses under our belt. This week actually heralded a full clear of Bastion of twilight for the majority of our raiding population over a total of 4 teams! Some even gained 2 new raid achievements, so well done to everyone there Laughing out loud

Blynket has also started to learn the tactics of the Elevator boss in Black Wing Descent so everything is starting to go better all round Smiling

It won't be long before all teams within the guild are focusing on heroic content so the anticipation is starting to rise Smiling

Lastly, guild perks!:

After obtaining the flask cauldrons we created a system which ultimately meant that you ended up needing to bring less flasks per raid which is great. Now with the increased amount from each cauldron at rank 20, that flask requirement has dropped again and we now only need 1 flask per person for each raid!

Guild level 21 gave us the raid summon perk which is awesome because it does not share a coodlown with everyone else in the group, so we have a total of 10 mass summons to utilize. Once we hit level 25 we will also unlock the mass rezurection perk, we will explain how that will affect progression nights when we come to unlock it so stay tuned!


Guildy of the Month

Since the guildy of the week award didn't really work out well, we have decided to change it back to the guildy of the month Smiling

This Month, the award goes to:


for their outstanding contribution to the fish for flask system! Congratulations to the both of you!


Officer World Gossip

At the minute there is not much happening apart from the odd mention of changes to some responsibilities here and there.

As I mentioned above, the guild perks and cauldrons have reduced the amount of flasks needed to 1 per person per raid which is great, the mats for flasks have also been reduced so there is no reason to come unprepared. We usually have a full stock of feasts per raid but please do come prepared with your own food as well... there is no excuse for not being prepared (that goes for potions as well).


Outlook for the Future

Patch 4.1 is looming, and with it comes new heroics in the forms of ZA and ZG (which I personally can't wait for!) this will increase the amount of Valor points you can gaine each week from heroics only to over 900! We also have 4.2 to look forward to where we will explore the scorching Firelands and engage the Firelord Ragnaros once more!