The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 2

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The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 2

It is time for a new Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue, a bit shorter this time but hopefully nonetheless interesting to read.

The last few weeks

Not long after the release of the first Vigi Periodical the Class Leaders made their (re-)introduction.
We have already seen an increased activity and some positive results. There is still more potential to it though. Class leaders keep pushing your members and vice versa, bug those class leaders some more with ideas on improvement that you come up with!

Vigi’s social side
We had good and bad things going on on the social side again.
On the bad side we lost Dewblood, Xtralarge and Novak. Best wishes to you guys on your future path!

Where there are negative things there are also positive ones: Kazuo got hold of one of the rare spots as a casual member. Welcome to Vigilantes Kazuo.
Close to the raiding side: we have a new old member rejoining us, this time on the raiding side: Assimar. Welcome (back) to Vigis to you too Assimar.
Remember that he is nearing the end of his trial phase so make use of the remaining time and let him feel the pain Smiling
Another good element worth mentioning is that I have seen a lot of activities and helping each other going on lately, let’s keep that up!

On the other hand there are still only rather few heroics going on though and we still have members not revered with certain factions.
Those to whom this applies should post up the one or the other event on the website and the others please lend a helping hand whenever you can. In the end all will need the heroic keys the experience (attunement quests), a 90min. Shattered halls clear after the first boss for example is a tough call.

Vigi’s raiding side
We had some amazing weeks lately. First Nightbane was taken down for the first time and on the same evening Illhoof aswell. The achievement becomes even bigger as we managed those kills before the patch which made at least Illhoof somewhat easier.
Not enough with that, the week after the last remaining boss in Karazhan gave in as well, with Netherspite dead we officially cleared Karazhan.
It is important to state that this achievement is by far not only that of the specific group that got those bosses down, every single raider contributed to this, everyone was part of speeding up the clearing, freeing up enough time to learn the encounters, all participated in the actual learning attempts.
Good work everyone!

Gruul’s Lair went a bit less spectacular but nonetheless we witnessed significant progress. Maulgar seems to become easier every time we go there, a clear sign that we are getting the hang of it and improving our performance.
Gruul himself is still refusing to give up but we are getting closer. Most of the raids showed a clear improvement and we are learning fast. The exchange of thoughts on the forum plays an important part there so don’t hesitate to keep posting any observations and ideas. However don’t be disappointed if an idea isn’t picked up in the end.
Gruul is getting within our reach now but we are also hitting a point where gear becomes an issue so scan those (non-raid) item lists for upgrades that would suit you!

Officer gossip: the current hot topics
These days our discussion topics have shifted slightly.

Publication of the officers’ clearly defined areas of responsibility:
This one is just about to go live, in fact you can expect it any day now.

Performance increasing measures:
With our situation in Gruul’s Lair we are increasing the focus on performance assessments and measuring to increase them, this is also where our class leaders come into play to a large extent.

Adjustments of the raid rules:
The new set of rules has been in place for a while now and we are currently reviewing them (“be at the instance portal even if you are reserve or rotated” is an example there).

Strategy compilations:
During our time progressing through both Karazhan and Gruul’s Lair we have accumulated quite a bit of knowledge and let’s say Vigi-specific tactics. This valuable information is scattered across several different posts and should be collected in a more coherent manner.

We haven’t specified this further yet but if anyone spontaneously feels like taking on the task of collecting and organizing this knowledge pool, please speak up.

Outlook to the future
I can see a dead Gruul, the exact date is still a bit unsure but it is not far away, so much is for sure.
With that in mind be prepared for some changes when it comes to raid locations. For example the upcoming Tuesday raid will most likely head to Gruul’s Lair to get us some more learning experience.
We are now at a point where we have to bring Karazhan down to two runs a week, three with the optional one. That will give us more time to learn Gruul until we get him down.
However things might change around a bit in the immediate future due to us profiting more from additional gear (full Karazhan clear) for Gruul than an actual learning raid there.

Once we get Gruul down reasonably reliable we have that instance on a one evening clear which will free up an evening again and at that point it iss time to pay Magtheridon a visit.

A small note to end with: if anyone feels like the Vigi Periodical should deal with additional topics or would like to contribute a specific part let us know.

Congratulations you have reached the end, this is it for Issue 2 of the Vigilantes Periodical thanks for reading this far Smiling

The Vigilantes Leadership