The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 3

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The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 3

Once again it is time for a new issue of the Vigi-Asylum Periodical with the latest events and gossip.

The last few weeks

Not long after issue 2 of the Vigi-Periodical the list of the officers’ areas of responsibility was released. Since then we have focused on our respective tasks even more.
To further improve that everybody who wants to discuss a matter or just has some questions is encouraged to turn to the officer responsible for the area in question. Of course every officer will be happy to discuss any matter, but turning to the directly responsible one might result in you getting more detailed information.
If you are in doubt though, just turn towards me or our 1st officer, Cragus, directly.

The last week also saw the removal of the Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep: The Eye attunement requirements. That will make the raid planning a bit easier; it should however not stop anyone from attempting the heroics and completing the quests. Heroic instances still hold equipment upgrades for the one or the other raider.
Also at some point everyone has to reach exalted with Cenarion Expedition, Sha’tar and Aldor/Scryers to gain access to the SSC and TK flask vendor.

Vigi’s social side
During the last weeks we have again lost two people: this time Hoej and Facecruncher.
Hoej decided to leave on his own due to let’s say disagreement with our raid-setup selection. Warriors just seem to be prone for these kind of things.
The decision for Face’s departure was one-sided as well, but here it was us officers who took the decision. Nonetheless we wish you the best of luck on your future path Facecruncher, take care!

On the good side: we gained a reinforcement of our melee dps department with the joining of our new rogue. Welcome to Vigilantes Darkpilgrim!

Vigi’s raiding side
Shortly after the release of the Vigi-Periodical 2 Gruul fell and left behind a few nice rewards. This encounter is still not a 100% guaranteed kill and is still vulnerable to sub-perfect raid-setups so stay awake and keep the performance high when fighting him!

With Gruul biting the dust we have now spent at least a few hours per week with Magtheridon. This Tuesday marked a nice step in terms of progress, only 47% more to go on him and we cleansed outlands of another demon with a way too big ego.

In addition to the above progress we are now starting to clear Karazhan within 2 nights, another important step towards freeing up more time for the new encounters.

Performance: over the past weeks we have seen a notable increase in performance. Our raid healing as well as dps have improved quite a bit, however we haven’t hit the ceiling yet. We are able to reach about 8K raid dps, sometimes a little more, depending on the fight. Let’s get us up even further, in the medium-term we should aim at breaking the 10K barrier.

Officer gossip: the current hot topics
Raid role switches, aka respecs and main-char switches: quite a few people have done this lately or issued a request for it.
There is already a separate topic where the discussion has been going on and it has already been announced there: it is one of the current hot topics for the officers. We are working on a guideline, a set of rules and a process on how such requests/changes are to be handled.

Recruitment:: the rogue/melee dps department has already received its first reinforcement with Darkpilgrim, we still got vacancies on the healing side so this is what our recruitment is currently focusing its efforts on.
Unfortunately the filling of those vacancies is nothing we can give an ETA for as it depends on the supply of willing and capable recruits.

As part of our assessment of vacancies on our raid roster, the current attendance figures are being looked at. To raid effectively these figures really have to increase. They have improved in the past but there is still a lot of room for more.
If a current raider does not have the attendance we have in mind, that respective raid slot undergoes a review to determine if we are going to recruit a replacement. An officer talks with the affected member about the issue first of course.

Not a major topic but still worth mentioning is the handling of Nether Vortex [75]. The other VRP elements for SSC are all set by now, including a reduction of the first kill bonus by 30%.
The separate topic about who actually needs the Vortexes showed that so far only Myrah and me are looking for them so the situation isn’t too complicated and will most likely be handled without the involvement of VRP

Outlook to the future
In the last Vigi-Periodical there was the prediction of Gruuls imminent death. This time its Magtheridon’s death that is approaching at a fast pace, we just have to increase our own running speed towards it a little bit and we will almost be there.

More and more reliably Karazhan is now getting down to a two nights clear. That has the advantage of our raid officers having to take into account one less evening when setting up the groups. Together with some slightly higher signup rates we could run 3 groups for that instance. On one evening that already worked out quite nicely.

Getting the two nights clears to a more reliably level eliminates the need for Friday’s optional run, leaving more room for other activities like the Naxx fun run, heroics or similar events.

Now the primary goal has to be clearing Gruul’s Lair in one evening, better within 1.5 hours, allowing us to move on to Magtheridon on the same evening.
In the end we should have Gruul and Magtheridon down on the same day, freeing up one additional day.
You have already guessed it where we will be heading on that day, exactly: Serpentshrine Cavern!
Cragus already published a rough timeline. For us to achieve that we still need to push ourselves a bit further, Gruul and Magtheridon in one evening is quite a challenge, but definitely doable.

To close with, the usual note: if anyone feels like the Vigi Periodical should deal with additional topics or would like to contribute a specific part let us know.

Congratulations you have once more reached the end of a Vigilantes Periodical Issue. Smiling

The Vigilantes Leadership