The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 4

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The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 4

A bit more than 3 weeks have passed and thus it is time for Issue 4 of the Vigi-Asylum Periodical.

The last few weeks

One week ago another set of rules made its appearance: the way we handle respecs and main character switches. The release of this rule set marks the end of the officer discussions about how to organize this aspect in a guild- as well as raid friendly way that was going on during the past weeks.

Vigi’s social side
Apart from the one or the other smaller stirrup we have once more lost three members. Lathara, Assimar and Nightkale left us.
In Assimar’s case it was an officer decision. As many of you have noticed he was hardly ever around or signing up for raids. Especially in the tanking department that just doesn’t work out. Either way, we wish you the best of luck on your future path Assimar!
Lathara fully turned to RL now, so good luck to you too!
The other person leaving us was Nightkale. There is not much to say here, I was warned a while ago that this might happen but couldn’t help hoping for the better, wrongly though, as it turned out apparently.

On the good side again, we have once more gained new reinforcement, and quite a few at that. Since the last Vigi periodical Novak, Kasumie, Kameleon and Kazara bolstered our healer department while Knuckles and Morpheouss joined our tanking ranks. Welcome to Vigilantes all of you!
Especially those who are still on their trial time: make sure to give a good impression Smiling

Vigi’s raiding side
How could it be any different, Vigis downed another boss not long ago: after weeks of learning Magtheridon had no options left but to submit to our raiding team. Good work Vigilantes!

Together with Magtheridon’s demise we have seen a nice speed increase on our Karazhan runs. The first teams have started to clear the main bosses (Moroes, Opera, Curator, Nightbane, Aran, Chess and Prince) within just about 3.5 hours.
This speed is not quite standard yet and we normally still need the one or the other our of extra time in there on a different evening to get the most important kills but we are on a good track, keep pushing the speed limit guys!

The extra day(s) getting freed up can now use on spending more time in Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep: The Eye.

We are still in the process of determining on which boss in which instance to focus our main attention on, but expect this focus to become clear in the immediate future.

Officer gossip: the current hot topics
The raid role switches, aka respecs and main-char switch topic has come to a conclusion with the release of the corresponding set of rules. We will however monitor how these work out in practice.

Recruitment:: with the huge boost in numbers that our healer department has received it is now time for consolidation. We are now focusing on observing the raid performance of our recruits and will determine if any more actions are needed based on that.

Performance improvement: not one of the hottest issues at the moment but with the constantly increasing difficulty of the encounters we are facing we need to keep a close eye on everyone’s performance, both in terms of skills as well as equipment, including enchants and gems. So don’t be surprised if you get the one or the other whisper in this regard.

Another important Officer topic these days is what and whom we want to focus on, SSC or TK, and which boss(es), especially in SSC.
While Morogrim Tidewalker is probably the easiest boss in SSC it takes quite long to get to him. The Lurker Below is a little bit more difficult and involves more, as well as more precise movement by the entire raid. For Hydross the Unstable we still need to at least fully equip our 2 main tanks with their respective resistance gear. The NR part has progressed well, getting the materials together for the Frost resist epics is proving rather difficult, both the normal materials as well as the primal nethers.

Once we have the resistance gear set up we will be taking a close up look at Hydross though.

Outlook to the future

With the time freed up by more and more efficient Gruul’s Lair and Karazhan clears we will be spending more and more time in SSC/TK.
While we are still in the process of doing trial run(s) and learning the trash, the first boss kill in either instance should not be that far away anymore.
Time management is becoming more and more crucial now and we need to look into optimising our time in all the instances that we are currently visiting to maximize our effectiveness.

An immediate goal related to this is having both, Gruul’s- and Magtherdidon’s Lair cleared within a single evening. We are not quite there yet as Magtheridon needs to become a more stable/reliable kill first. Coupled with a one-night Karazhan clear this would allow us to spend two evenings entirely in SSC or TK, significantly increasing our chances for progress in there.

This is an effort everybody has to contribute to. All encounters have to be executed flawlessly. Fights like Magtheridion and extremely unforgiving so every single member has to be at 100% performance.

This is it for now, hopefully you enjoyed the read.