The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 5

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The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 5

The holiday season is coming to an end and we are rapidly approaching fall. With that an other Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue is up and ready to be read.

The last few weeks

Like most guilds we wrestled with the holiday disease, fighting to get our raids the necessary signups for all classes. All in all we managed that time pretty well. A few changes to raid destinations had to be made at short notice but everyone accepted the situation and we coped with it.

Vigi’s social side
A turbulent month lies behind us. Our guild roster saw a lot of changes, many new faces appeared, bolstering both our tanking- as well as our healer ranks.
We are now getting very close to reaching our desired full raider complement, with enough reserves in each class. There is still the one or the other slot to be taken care of, also depending on how various trials will turn out, but in general we are on a good path there. So, welcome to Vigilantes all you trial members! Make sure to show yourself from your best side Smiling

As always we had a couple of leavings this month as well, however the recruitment kept up with that and we didn’t lose any raiding potential.

Guildie of the Month
Yes a new goodie that I have the pleasure to introduce. Each month from now on we are giving one member the ‘Guildie of the Month’ award.
This award is given to the person that has shown the most commitment, the best raiding improvement, be it for himself or by helping others and has generally helped the guild as a whole to advance.
While mainly symbolic, the prize coming with the Guildie of the Month award includes 200 gold cash and a special text color on the forum for one month! So don’t hold back on those efforts Vigis, and you might find your name here next month! Smiling

And finally, the first Guildie of the Month award goes to…
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Starting out with a retribution oriented character, he managed to become a very valuable healer within a rather short period of time, he worked hard on improving both his gear as well as his playing/healing style. Congratulations Novak, keep up the good work.

Vigi’s raiding side
Staying true to the Vigi way shortly after the last Periodical’s release an other boss fell: this time it was the good old Void Reaver who gave up on our third attempt ever on him already, offering us our first pieces of T5 equipment.

Another big step we just witnessed: Vigi’s first two bossed downed in SSC. On one single evening both Hydross and The Lurker Below had to submit to the Vigi power. Once again excellent work everyone!

Morganath has gotten us to an efficient raiding schedule over the past weeks. We are now able to clear Gruul’s Lair as well as the Void Reaver within a single evening. Magtheridon and Hydross are fitting together well on a single evening as well.
With this setup we are able to assure a good level of loot while still using our time most efficiently for learning attempts.
At the same time the phase-out of Karazhan has started by it being moved to the optional Friday/Saturday run most of the time.
Yes we know that people still need items from there, that is why it still appears on the schedule but we are more than ready by now for the more challenging encounters, the few guilds ahead of us progress wise were less geared than we are now when they were at this stage of raid progress. So let’s prove that we can work with what we have.

Officer gossip: the current hot topics

Recruitment:: essentially we are again in the situation we were at the release of the last Periodical. With the numerous recruits that joined our ranks it is time for consolidation again. We now have to focusing on observing the raid performance and determine if any more actions are necessary.

Performance improvement: this has basically become a sticky hot topic.
The gem and enchants reviews have shown a positive effect in many cases, but the encounters we face are getting more and more difficult so now it is time to focus on improving our raiders skill level, the flexibility, reaction times and ability to handle multiple attention focuses at the same time.

That said, with us constantly picking on our raiders it was time for us officers to look in the mirror. In other words we have been busy picking on ourselves lately, trying to identify how we can improve raids and raid leading in general directly. So yes, the performance reviews are taking place within the management ranks as well Smiling

There are a few other topics we are discussing these days such as improving the guild bank usage etc.
All in all things to help ease the pressure on our raiders in some regards.

A last topic that has appeared recently is the (lack of) efficient wipe recoveries. We are spending valuable time with waiting for people to come back to an instance and get ready again.
Yes especially SSC is a pain due to the GY situation but we have to become more efficient at this. By optimising this process we could easily get a couple more boss tries in on an evening before facing respawns. With the combination of the respawn timers in SSC (and TK) and our 3 hours raids this would prove very valuable. So if you have any inputs on this topic, feel free to post them.

Outlook to the future

With Gruul’s Lair and Void Reaver or Magtheridon being cleared in one raid, the next step in those instances will be to have all three down in one single evening. This is an ambitious goal and we will have to play perfect on each encounter and get them down first go, but it is definitely doable.
The biggest potential for time saving is currently held by the TK trash as well as the number of tries it takes us to get the Void Reaver down.
We have shown that we can take Magtheridon on the first go, so let’s make sure that is standard from now on.

In SSC we will have to focus on getting both Hydross and The Lurker Below down to reliable kills. With our habit of taking down bosses comparably fast after they died once, we should be able to manage that quite soon.

The next focus in SSC will most likely be Morogrim Tidewalker, this is however not set in stone and might change.

This is it for Issue 5 of the Vigi-Asylum Periodical.
See you all back in the Outlands.