The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 6

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The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 6

Time has moved on since the last edition so here goes for my 1st edition as editor in chief...

Its been a period of some pretty big changes both in terms of recruitment and who 'runs' the guild.
We were blessed with some timely applications that has allowed us to increase our raider numbers, predominantly in the dps department which was really starting to look a little shakey. I wont go through all the new joiners for fear of missing one out but I hope you are all enjoying your new guild.

Two names I will mention though are Deadeye & Loopoyu. Both have decided to retire from their Guild Leader & Officer roles. Retirement comes to us all in the end but you guys have really made a difference to this guild so a big thank you from me and Im sure everyone else for all your efforts. Hope you guys dont find it to difficult to adjust to your new 'player' roles, although Loop is continuing as Class Leader so he's not totally off the hook. Who am I kidding, I bet your loving it!

Vigi's Social side

Im hoping I wont be the guild leader who presides over the demise of the Vigi spirit so I will be trying to make sure we remain the friendly place we have always been. And no this doesnt mean Im gonna start reeling of countless poor jokes in guild chat to keep you amused, thankfully we have enough Guild Clowns to keep us entertained already, mentioning no names ofc Eye-wink

Raiding is very much at the heart of Vigi's now but we still have a significant casual side which is something we should look after. Trying to integrate the two sides isnt easy so if any of you have ideas on events/things we might all do together then Id be happy to try and make them happen. It's still too early to say for sure yet but Zul'Aman might give us an opportunity to create some slightly more relaxed fun type events that could be shared by all in the guild. One of the problems with Karazhan was that by the time the more casual type players were getting around to Karazhan, most raiders were pretty much coming to the end and are now really wanting to take a rest from what has become a pretty well farmed instance.

Vigi's Raiding Side

In the past couple of months weve seen 4 new bosses go down but those are just the headlines. Morogrim, Leotheras, FLK, and now Alar have all fallen since the last periodical. More important though is some of the progress we have made towards how we raid. We are definately moving forwards in our ability to learn and adapt to new encounters. All those raids clicking cubes, running around like your ass is on fire, has hopefully taught us that the game is significantly different to what it use to be and if were gonna have success, and consequently fun, then we must also change and get smarter.

Whilst we are moving forward we are still plagued with some bad habits. Getting you guys to buff and pot up is a problem that just isnt going away. Personally I want to see the pace of our raids increase and one of the things that will help enormously is if people dont wait to be reminded, just buff and pot as soon as you possibly can. Focus/performance is also a problem at times. Some of our poor raids are mainly down to just to many people not giving it 100%. Whether thats because they genuinely have some RL crisis going on in the background or whether they just dont feel like pushing hard Im not sure. Lets not confuse genuine mistakes with slackness though. It's ok and normal to make mistakes, Its the mistakes that are born out of not trying or not paying attention that are the ones we must stop. The critical thing is to learn from our mistakes and not go on repeating them.

We are now fortunate to have a much stronger squad to choose from which should allow us some flexibility in putting raids together, as well as increasing competition which is essential in any successful team. Performance is important, some people are really shining, and some have a little bit of work to do to get there so keep thinking and trying to improve.

Guildie of the Month

Last month's GotM, Novak, will now be passing on his crown to his successor. This period has seen some really good improvements/performances by many people so weve been a little spoilt for choice but there can be only one winner, and for this month that is... drum roll... Shandril.

Shandril hasnt been a Class Leader long but has already been busy coming up with ideas on how to help the mages to get the best out of their class, and ofc close the gap on the ever so supreme warlocks, sorry couldnt resist that one Eye-wink Combined with his always positive attitude, willingness to help, and desire to improve his own performance, he bags himself the title of "Guildie of the Month" and the not to be sniffed at prize money of 200g, so well done Shandril, keep up the good work Smiling

Officer World Gossip

With some fairly big changes in Officer world its been a period of settling in.
We have now settled on who is gonna do what, and if you missed it click here to see who does what.
Developing our own strategies is one of the main changes that has come about from the changes, and both Marandol and Akolen will be trying to drive that forward.
Ive had a bit of a spring clean, err, make that autumn clean of the rank system. Sorry to all the assasins and champions, you have been 'reranked' to reflect your current standing/role. click here to see our current list of ranks and their meaning.
Recruitment has been a fairly hot topic for a while, although that has been shared with Class Leaders, and many thx to all the Class Leaders for their input, it has made it a much simpler task and Im sure we have made the right decisions because of it.
We are still on the lookout for a couple more healers though, druid/shaman/paladin are the preferred classes, so if you know anyone who might be available then do all you can to bribe them to apply.
Raiding has seen the introduction of a need/greed system which so far hasnt caused to much drama (unless Ive missed it) and has already seen many ppl benefit from it.
Extended Sunday Raiding will shortly be coming in, although it will be a trial system at 1st to see if it really makes sense to do it.

Outlook to the future

With an almost full strength squad and a period of adjustment behind us, our raiders will be hoping to come face to face with Lady Vashj and Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider very soon. Considered to be pretty much the hardest fights in the game at present this is gonna prove a real challenge. If we prepare well and play the game at a level that I know we are capable of then these two will fall. It wont be easy so everyone is gonna need to play their part but I for one am really looking forward to it. Let the battle commence...