The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 7

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The last edition of this years Vigi Asylum Periodical's and its a festive one... kind of .... Baa Humbug, or should that be Moo Humbug Sticking out tongue

Vigi's Social Side
The social side of the guild seems fairly healthy atm, and considering how many 'fruit loops' we have in the guild Im surprised how harmonious the guild is on the whole Eye-wink or maybe Im just blind to all the personal dueling that goes on nowadays...
I dare say we could always do better but with Christmas coming up and a mini raiding break there is now time for people to chill, tuck into one of Graccu's Mince Pies, sample the odd shot of whiskey (virtual ofc Eye-wink) and spend time doing some more social/casual/fun types things. Not that raiding isnt fun but you know what I mean Eye-wink

Vigi's Raiding Side

Weve come a long way in 2007 and the Vigi of Christmas Present looks very different to the Vigi of Christmas Past. The Vigi of Christmas future will hopefully look different again as we step up the pace in an attempt to become a more successful raiding guild.
Recent weeks have served to show us that much work needs to be done in making us more successful though. To many poor raids have led to a stall in progression. All is not lost though and there is still hope for Tiny Tim and Christmas Future if we pull up our stockings, put on our best footwear (stilleto's for me Eye-wink) and march back into the field of battle with purpose and determination.

Despite the difficulties of recent weeks we should not forget what we have achieved. Vashj is dead and there is no doubt she is the toughest boss Vigi's has attempted. We 'just' need to repeat it now.
We are the 5th best performing Alliance guild on Doomhammer atm and all those above us raid more than we do so that is something we should be pretty proud of. We should try to maintain that standing though, not just because its nice to be 'best in class' but it also helps recruitment which is a constant presence for any guild.

Guildies of the Month

This month see's us crown two Guildies for their efforts in making the guild a more successful and happier place to be.

Congratulations Easygoing
One of our longest serving members now but service alone does not get you the crown. Always friendly and always happy to help and support the guild. Lost count of how many Repair bots he has donated, and all done without being asked. The icing on the cake though is the improving performance we have seen in recent months. Keep up the good work Easy, and thx for all your help Smiling

Congratulations Ohhnej
Effort, comittment, and consistently high performances are what we are looking for in all our raiders, and Ohhnej has certainly delivered on all 3. Did a great job at preparing himself for the role of Warlock Tank at Leotheras (at considerable cost and time to himself) and has performed the role brilliantly. Even respecs just for this fight. As Warlock Class Leader he has also spent a lot of time organising the locks and making sure they are in good shape. Thanks for all your efforts Ohhnej Smiling

Officer World Gossip
Something that has featured pretty heavily in recent times is the need to raise our performance levels or more specifically make sure we always raid at a high level. This just isnt happening atm and if we are to make good progress it is something that must happen. We are trying to be fair to ppl and give everyone an opportunity to prove that he or she is worthy of a raiding slot, but if we continue to see underperformance we will have to start to be more selective in raid selection and even open up recruitment to find people who are willing to give 100% for each and every raid. We recently performed a thorough review of each and every raider in the guild, primarily to identify where our weaknesses are and if there is something we can do to help, but it will also help us decide who should be given priority if that is the path we are ultimatley forced to take.

Outlook for the future

There is much to be done and still a lot of content to be explored in 2008. But first of all we must get back to the focussed raids I know we are capable of. The guild will suffer greatly if we dont and I will have no choice but to make some pretty tough decisions if we dont start to make progress again. You all play this game for fun and Im sure you have more fun when we are doing well and making progress, so lets make it happen Smiling

And finally...
I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a very merry New Year Smiling

Ebenezer Morg