The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 8

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The first edition of this years Vigi Asylum Periodical's finds us in a transition phase. Time to reflect on what we have achieved so far, and to look forward at what should be an enjoyable few months.

Vigi's Social Side
Despite the majority of our efforts being focussed on the raiding activities of the guild I would like to think our casual members find Vigi's a friendly and fun place to be. I would still like to see some more fun type events being organised so if anyone wants to step forward and try something then by all means give it a go. Considering the beating our Raiders have taken in the last couple of months Id say weve all done a good job at keeping the spirit of Vigilantes alive and kicking.

Vigi's Raiding Side

Its a very exciting time for our Raiders at the moment as we start our Mount Hyjal and Black Temple campaigns. But before we look at them I think its important to reflect on what we have achieved in the last 6 months.

SSC and TK have been the toughest instances we have ever faced. At times we struggled but I am very proud of the way we have soldiered on and beaten these two places. Kael was the last boss to submit and he did so rather quickly when you consider how long it has taken to kill some of the other bosses. So we are ending our SSC/TK campaigns on a strong note.

Personally I am rather relieved. Vasjh and Kael have killed many a guild already and I really didnt relish being the one to guide another guild to that same fate. Whilst I know it hasnt been easy I would just like to thank you all for digging deep and helping to pull us through. In 2.4 guilds will no longer be forced to face these challanges and in reality I doubt many will take on the challenge, but I am so glad we did. It has taught us a lot and I really mean a lot. The team that finishes SSC/TK is quite different from the team that started it, and Im not talking about the few member changes that have occured over this period. We have all been forced to become better players, our skill levels may still say 375 but in reality we can all add a +20 bonus to that figure, maybe more Eye-wink We all now realise that to defeat many of the TBC bosses you have to do much more than just heal, tank, or dps, there are many other things that need to be done, and in many cases these take priority over the basic dps/heal/tank functions. Our ability to play as a team and trust in each others abilities is also something we have improved upon, and this is critical if we are to succeed in future instances.

There is one feature of our gameplay that still concerns me, and you probably guessed it, our consistency. We now know we can defeat the very best that Blizz has to offer in TBC but there are still days when we'd even struggle to take down Hogger! Yes, good old hogger. Lets try and be great every single raid please, or at least when we do suck lets try not to be quite so sucky!

Our MH campaign has already started and it got off to a great start. Rage Winterchill & Anetheron both went down on our second tries. Easy I heard many cry and relative to something like Vashj they are indeed much simpler fights, but it is testimony to our improved organisation and teamwork that we made them look so easy. Plenty of guilds will arrive at these bosses and not be able to 2 shot them like we did.

One dissapointment I do have is the reluctance of some people to go out and farm the PvP trinket I asked ALL raiders to get. Whilst I appreciate that the importance of the trinket for some classes is greater than others I dont think it is unreasonable to expect everyone to put in the effort to get it. You have be given plenty of warning and yet some of you still do not have it Sad

Guildie of the Month

This month see's us crown another guildie for his efforts in trying to help push the guild forward.

Congratulations Shynaski
It was some time ago that Shy's desire to switch to a tank role met with the guilds need for another tankadin. Introducing an undergeared and inexperienced (in terms of 25 man tanking experience) tank is not easy to do but Shy's progress from 'beginner' to 'competent and trusted tank' status has been fast and furious, and that is very much down to the comitment and desire that Shy has shown. Im sure there were moments when Shy wondered what the hell he'd let himself in for (*cough* Leotherass *cough*) but its all been worth it. Good tanks are hard to find and Vigi's now finds itself with another top tank to lead us into battle. Thanks for all your efforts Shy and keep it up Smiling

Officer World Gossip

Shandril and Deadeye (Mantrid) have now settled into Officer World. Dead is an old pro and its great to have him back in the fold. Shan has started off at a great pace and has put in an enormous amount of effort in trying to move the recruitment process forward and understand the recruitment needs of the guild. We also now have a very healthy gold balance and much of that is down to the efforts of our new recruitment Officer.

VRP and the upcoming T6 VRP system has been a heavy burden on Officer world in the past few weeks. Many an hour has been spent discussing changes and possible ideas of what we should do. I wont dwell on the changes here as details will be released seperatly but you can expect changes and one or two have a significant impact on how loot is distributed in this guild.

Outlook for the future

The future looks very good. Were expecting MH and BT to give us a few weeks of easy raiding as we get to grips with the relatively easy first few bosses in each, but it wont be long before we have to raise our game again and get back to dealing with some more complicated encounters. Patch 2.4 will soon be on us which should also add some excitment and allow those that like a good moan to question Blizzards sanity. All we need to do is remain in good spirits and the rest will fall nicely and neatly into place Smiling