The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 9

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I wrote the last periodical just over 7 weeks ago. Little did I realise then that the next one would have me reflecting on another completed instance. It feels like weve been riding the crest of a wave for the last 7 weeks, and long may that continue Smiling

Vigi's Social Side
Personally my spirits are pretty high at the moment and it has nothing to do with vodka for a change Eye-wink I hope the success we have had in Mount Hyjal and Black Temple has had the same effect on you.
The recent patch has injected a bit more life into the game as well and has given us a bit more to do outside of the raiding environment. I trust you will all be millionaires very soon Eye-wink
We also have two new members, welcome Mushhushshu, and welcome back Assimar. Both have been invited on a 'Casual' basis so whilst you wont see them raiding MH or BT Im sure they will be up for having some fun with the other stuff we get upto.

Vigi's Raiding Side
Mount Hyjal is complete. It took us 9 weeks/22 raids to complete it. A very impressive performance. There are two areas in particular that we improved in during this campaign. Our consistency and our desire to win. Our consistency because we managed to repeat kills faster than we normally do, and our desire to win because we kept fighting even when things were looking bad with little hope of success (something we have struggled with in the past). We are far from perfect but its a step in the right direction.

Archimonde proved a tough nut to crack and the battle with him is far from over. Its a tough fight and Im expecting a few difficult weeks as we look to repeat the kill. Take nothing for granted...

Whilst we have made some good progress in Black Temple we havn't quite managed it with the same style we showed in Mount Hyjal. We managed 1st kills very quickly which was great but repeating them hasnt always been so easy. We really must learn to repeat things better, we managed it in MH, and whilst there are differences from that instance I see no reason why we cant do it in BT. We let our guard down, took things for granted, and got our asses kicked because of it.

Overall though its been a great couple of months, possibly the most fun and exciting two months Ive had in the game. But if your looking to sit back with a bottle of beer and take it easy from now on then think again... this is no time to relax... we have work to do... Illidan awaits...

Guildie of the Month

This month see's one of our hardest working guildies get the crown.

Congratulations Stellvia
We all knew it was only a matter of time before the crown found itself onto Stell's head. Hope it matches the angel wings Eye-wink. A great healer in her own rights and that alone is justification for the award, but eclipsing her stella performance (stella, get it? Sticking out tongue) has been the way she has lead and helped drive forward the Vigi healing team. Its taken a lot of effort and determination to do that, and sometimes in difficult circumstances, so Stell and all the other healers can be very proud of what they have achieved together. Keep up the good work Smiling

Officer World Gossip

9 bosses in 2 months and all the work that involves hasnt left us with much spare time.

Some very early discussions have been held on what will happen when the expansion comes along. Dont expect any announcements until much later though.

We have talked a little about using people in non primary roles to provide raid flexibility when its needed. The possibility to create stronger raids for certain bosses is something that could potentially help us progress faster. Atm we are experimenting a bit to see whether this helps much.

Another hot topic is the subject of trying to make sure we make best use of the loot that drops in raids. Class Leaders are in the process of validating wishlists to ensure everyone has a sensible upgrade path and hasnt missed anything. Recently we (or I should say Beat) have started work on a new wishlist tool that will make it easier for you guys to record your wishlists. This will also include a feature to record non instance loot which will be nice. Beat will then write an Add On to allow LootMaster's the ability to quickly see if anyone in the raid is not calling need on an item that is on his/her wishlist. Sneaky I know, but playing VRP games does not help us progress. The faster we upgrade the raid, the more chance we have at killing bosses. More dead bosses equals more loot for everyone.

Outlook for the future

I said last month that the future looks very good and it still does. Weve had the luxury of some easier bosses which has been nice but that has already started to change with Archimonde. Dont expect things to get much easier from now as we look to progress towards Illidan. There will be a certain amount of consolidation as we look to farm MH but along side that will begin a refocussing on Black Temple.