Vigilantes Raid Progression

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Ok guys.

With the currently low sign-up numbers, this is probably because people are getting bored over WLK Content and also because we clear a lot more bosses in one raid night than we did in the beginning, it's time to reflect on past things.

We've set out to kill all of the bosses as one of the first guilds on the server.
We've successfully managed to do that on each of the bosses we've set out to do. Sometimes with a bit more struggling than expected but never the less we managed to kill all bosses before LK without the Aura.
Now we've come to a point where we want to kill LK as a possible Alliance second.
Yes you read it right. Alliance Second
I've had chats with people from both Blackrose and Aqua and this has given me the following info.

Knights of the Blackrose is furthest with a 55% best attempt.
Aquamarine is just behind them with a 56% attempt.
Vigilantes comes in third with a 58% attempt.

We're all, these three guilds, pretty much on par in regards to a kill.

As you can see we're pretty much in league with the other guilds that are in the top 5, as opposed to what people may think. With this being said, it would be nice for everyone to put their best foot forward and keep pushing to a kill.

We're insanely close to heroics but due to the lack of signups we've had to endure on non-farm nights, lately we don't seem to getting him down, resulting in having to arrange other things like Yogg+1 or Algalon.
Now these things are still an achievement on their own but it guess it's needless to say that we all want to down LK.

Take into account that with heroics comes better loot, so it's in all our best interest to actually push like we're used to and score the kill before either Blackrose or Aqua can nick it away from us and spam it in general just after we wiped (as has happened on both Putricide and Blood Queen)

I hope this little post I've made can get all of you back in their best spirits so we can push like no other.
Feel free to leave a /signed to let us know that you read and agree with the post