Vigilantes Reformed

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Okay here is the deal i got a 5v5 team named Vigilantes i do nothing with so i thought lets give the Vigilantes a nice chance to get some more imba gear through PVP.
once i get a full team of max 10 players i will begin creating events on calender probably on wednesday saturday and or sunday and times when most people can come.
i`ll make a wishlist of what would be ideal for the 9 other people i`m gonna invite.
I would like this to stay a Vigilantes only 5v5 pvp group.
Anyways if you are interested please leave a post on this site or contact me in game.
Ideally i would like to invite the following classes and specs:

1 priest ( holy)
1 Priest ( shadow)
1 mage ( frost,fire or arcane)
1 shaman (any specc)
1 paladin ( holy pref)
1 rogue ( well as long as you do some nifty damage i`m happy)
1 warrior ( we need some plate so defence or fury i don`t mind)
1 Druid ( feralkin, treekin or oomkin )
1 Hunter ( any spec )

P.s. a high stamina ( 8k+ unbuffed) doesn`t hurt either