VisualRaid - Raid Cooldown Tracker

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A new alpha addon that track survival cds, it's rather nice to be able to keep track on this for better cd usage yourself as a tank. Also ofc could be usefull for RL Smiling

Just thought i'd share it for those intrested.

I've been quite busy lately - both in real life and progressing on the new raid content so I haven't had much time to read or post here in quite some time.
I thought I'd try and contribute with something - albeit all credit goes to my dear guildie. Here's another addon from the creator of WakeSpams I'd like to share.

VisualRaid is an addon that tracks uptime and cooldowns of important abilities in your raid.

The display is very simple: two bar groups - one showing active abilities and who they're used on, and one showing the remaining cooldown once these abilities have been used.

Currently tracks the following abilities:
-Guardian Spirit, Pain Suppression, Power Word: Barrier
-Shield Wall
Death Knight
-Icebound Fortitude
-Mana Tide
-Rebirth, Innervate, Survival Instincts, Stampeding Roar
-Lay on Hands, Hand of Sacrifice, Guardian of Ancient Kings, Divine Guardian

The addon doesn't track tanks automatically, so tank cooldowns show up on non-tanks by default.
You can add and remove tanks with slash commands.
Currently flagged tank abilities are: Icebound Fortitude, Shield Wall, Survival Instincts and Guardian of Ancient Kings.

/vr Active - Disable bars tracking active abilities (only shows cooldowns)
/vr Lock - Move bars
/vr Test - Show test bars
/vr Addtank [name] - add [name] to the tank group.
/vr Remtank [name] - Removes [name] from the tank group.
/vr Listtanks - Lists all tanks in the tank group.

Abilities can easily be added and configured within the VisualRaid lua file with a code editor and minor lua knowledge. Font and statusbar texture can be replaced within the media folder.