Warlock macro`s

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To make our warlock lives even more easier i found some nice macro`s i wanna share with you guys:

This one is for us Afliction lock but can be modified for other purposes:

/castsequence [nomodifier] reset=target/combat/dead Siphon Life, Curse of Agony, Corruption, Howl of Terror, Dark Pact, Life Tap, Drain Life, Drain Life
/cast [modifier:shift] Shadow Bolt
/cast [modifier:ctrl] Drain Soul(rank 1)

What this does is it aplies the dots described below each time you hit the macro in the sequence you wrote ( can be changed to other spells or dots but remember you gotta be insta corruption to pull this one off so you can run around select a mob and dot em up untill you start with the drain life bit.)
if you hold shift down you cast a shadowbolt instead of drain life ( handy for nightfall procs) and if you hold down the CTRL key you cast drain Soul rank one ( much more mana efficient if it`s not used as primary dot..)

And anotherone:

/script local c; local mmzone = GetMinimapZoneText(); if(GetNumRaidMembers() ==0) then c = "PARTY"; else c = "RAID"; end SendChatMessage("Summoning %t to "..mmzone.." - 2 people please click portal", c);
/cast Ritual of Summoning()

Select a player then click the macro. You will tell your party or your raid (depending on what you are in) that you are summoning that person and to your location. It will also ask for 2 people to help by clicking on the portal.

And a simple dot one:

/castsequence reset=combat Immolate,Corruption,Curse of Agony,Siphon Life

the dots should all end at the same time so no down time and you can enter your assigned curse duty instead of the agony aswell

And freeing up some buttons on your screen:
This frees up a few buttons. Pressing with any of the shift, alt, ctrl, or no key will summon one of your pets. I don't know of any other keys for modifiers to have one for the Felguard, but you always change it out with one you don't use, like the Succubus.

/cast [nomodifier] Summon Imp
/cast [modifier:alt] Summon Succubus
/cast [modifier:ctrl] Summon Felhunter
/cast [modifier:shift] Summon Voidwalker

And a handy Banish Rebanish Macro:
Left click the macro button to set Focus and Banish - go kill another mob - right click macro to regain the target and rebanish

/focus [button:1]
/cast [button:1] Banish
/cast [button:2,target=focus] Banish

have fun trying these out guys.

Sincerely Someone.