We broke his Heart!

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Poor XT, he was just having some quiet time for himself walking back and forth between his scrap metal piles looking for the broken parts of his lost love, Misty the Dishwasher. Who was deconstructed by his evil twin brother ZT-002 the Constructor!

Then we come along and brake his heart, again!
Poor thing Sad

EXCELLENT work all, this was just what we needed! Yet again i have to say i'm proud to be apart of this guild Smiling

We have all started to feel less motivated for raiding, no secret there, some feel it more and some less. Witch have caused us low raid sign ups and even a few wow brakes/quits sadly. The combination with summer time being here, rather disappointing new content in the crusader (it will pick up and get better! Smiling ) and i guess we are to some point getting bored with Ulduar. Fully understandable and this happens to all guilds.

There is nothing we can do about this then to try and look past what you at this moment find boring, or not fun. Look for the parts that you do enjoy still instead and push on that! Cause if we do, if we keep pushing, keep doing our best to enter every raid like it's going to be the best and most fun ever!
Then this is the result we get! Laughing out loud

To point out at the end here, as of my knowledge we have still not canceled any raid this summer, NONE.
i can bet my left nut that there are NO other raiding guild on doomhammer who can say the same. If they can i'll be sad and will have to live the rest of my life ½ a man Sticking out tongue

AWESOME job again guys, just awesome Laughing out loud