Welcome to the new Vigi website

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I'll update this post with more info in a bit, just need to sort out some configuration issues. Post a reply if you have comments/suggestions!

  • Most of the old content should still be around. If you can't find what you are looking for let me know and I'll see where I misplaced the item
  • As mentioned in the comments already you can edit your account settings to enable/disable some of the blocks that are shown on the left and right side.
  • It is now possible to send private messages to people on your site, again you can setup an email warning on our account settings.
  • On the front page you can now see who is on Teamspeak! Hopefully this will encourage people to use it more outside of the odd raid.
  • The forums have been re-organized a bit to not have far too many. Also all comments are now shown in a linear style instead of a tree like of old. You can also quote posts.
  • All the events/dkp/guild stuff has been re-coded so overall its better, but there are still some features missing here and there. Most notably raid statistics, but I'll try and finish it all up in the next few days.
  • Ton of other little things, I'll let you guys know if I remember anything else of significance.


  • Think I found the bug with sign ups, if you still have any problems let me know.
  • Added color coding on events again, if you can't see them do a shift + refresh.