WOTLK Must Have Addons for Healers/Druids?

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Hello Smiling

As a hunter, my must-have raiding addons were fairly standard: ora2, omen, dbm, grid and a few hunter-specific ones like SimpleMD.

I have the feeling that I might need to add a few new ones for healing, especially for monitoring health, HoTs and poison/curse status of the raid and selected raid members.

I think the main contenders are:
1. Grid + some plugins like GridStatusHoT
2. xPerl
3. Healbot
4. Decursive

So my questions are:

a. Option 1 would be my first choice simply because I am used to it. Would that cover all my needs, or would I miss something important?

b. Do people use more than one of these or is there too much overlap?

c. Any other interesting/must-have addons? For example, I found something called lifebloomer, which claims to track the lifeblooms more efficiently...looks interesting.

Thanks in advance Smiling