Your Cata Plans

In order to get a grip on what our raid team is likely to be like at the start of the raiding in cata, I would like everyone to answer a few simple questions:

1. Are you planning to raid in Cata?

2. Do you want to raid 10 or 25man, subject to the current rules/requirements?

3. What class/role are you planning on making your main?

4. When the expansion hits, are you going to be aiming for relaxed leveling or fast to 85 and raiding?

5. Would you like to be considered for one of the officer roles (champion, raid council, guild council, GM) please specify which your interested in?

6. Are you interested in joining a 10man alts progression team, starting raiding a couple of months after the main raiding starts on off nights? This isn't come to gear up your alts, this is serious raiding, where we will be requiring equal focus/skill as you play your mains, with a set team.