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Muppets - Dark Animus Down!

Slightly reminiscent of Hellboy 2's Golden army, the over sized oil drum toppled faster than his trash Smiling

Next up a severely deformed Ironman Smiling

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Muppets - Primordius down!

Evolution usually allows a species to adapt to changing environments...guess this guy missed the memo...

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Muppets - Durumu the Forgotten Down!

Never has a big floating eyeball been so pivotal in the progression through a raid instance, you know.... cos this the 1st big floating eyeball in a raid instance...

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Muppets - Ji'kun down!

Birds of a feather stay togeth.......never mind we made a mess....

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Muppets - Megaera down!

7 heads may be better than 1, but 10 heads are better than 7 Smiling

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