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Muppets - Heroic Megaera

Snakes proved to be not that hard once the tactic was figured out ^^

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Muppets - Heroic Tortos Down!

This guys shell wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

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Muppets - Heroic Iron Qon & Horridon down!

He must have been Stark raving mad if he thought he could avoid getting peppered with pwnage by the Vigilantes War Machine!


I think we must have missed the memo about the difficulty between these two bosses.... most guilds found Qon much easier than Horridon... we found it the opposite Eye-wink

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Muppets - Heroic: Ji'kun down!

Can you say fried chicken?

Shii's facebombs return with a vengeance!

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Muppets - Heroic: Jin'Rohk the Breaker

A night and a few attempts was enough to bring this troll down.

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