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Heroic Spellblade Aluriel Downed !

[Normal] Gul'dan

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Raiders Application guidelines

Revision 05/12/2017 by Erodin

Current Vacancies
1 x Tank/DPS (All tank classes considered. Willing to play as either tank or DPS)
1 x Healer/DPS (Monk/Shaman only. Willing to play as either Healer or DPS)
3 x DPS

** Due to recent bot activity, the user account creation feature is currently controlled by an administrator. Therefore once you have created a Vigilantes Website User Account please contact an officer in-game (Shadowzy, Kazar, Erodin) to request account approval. Thank you **

About Vigilantes

Vigilantes was founded in February 2005, it is one of the oldest guilds on Doomhammer and still going strong.

[Mythic] Nythendra

Truly a Mythic kill!

[Heroic] Guarm

Dead at last. Three heads is clearly not better than 17.

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