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Raiders Application guidelines

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About Vigilantes

Vigilantes was founded in February 2005, it is one of the oldest guilds on Doomhammer and still going strong.
During Vanilla, TBC , WotLK, Cata, Pandaria, and the early part of Warlords, we were very much a semi hardcore raiding guild with a focus on clearing hard mode content. In Legion we have scaled back those ambitions and moved to a two day raiding schedule although the desire to see as much end game content remains.

What can you expect from us?
A team of raiders looking to enjoy the challenges of Normal and Heroic raid bosses in a friendly and sociable environment.

When do we raid?
Sunday and Wednesday: 20:00 - 23:00
During all our raids we take at least one 10 minute break to keep the team sharp and fresh.

What do we expect from you:

[Mythic] Nythendra

Truly a Mythic kill!

[Heroic] Guarm

Dead at last. Three heads is clearly not better than 17.

[Heroic] Odyn

Not only did we kill Odyn, we seemed to have taken his head off.

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Archimonde Normal

Still struggling to get consistent raids going after the summer break, but we still managed to add Archimonde to our kill list (with some outside help). Thanks everyone for putting in the time and effort!

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