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[Flex] Imperator Mar'Gok - Heroic

As we kept on progressing slowly throughout the night it was obvious we would win eventually, and so we did! Good job everyone involved, I allready said it but I'll repeat myself, I'm very proud of what we accomplished!

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[Flex] Imperator Mar'Gok

All in all it didn't take us too many wipes before we got him begging for mercy. One day later we also killed Ko'Ragh heroic, adding another new kill to our list. Now it's on to Imperator HC!
Conratulations on clearing 7/7!

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Mythic: Twin Ogron (M-Team)

So many 1-2% wipes... and then finally down it goes! Laughing out loud

Awesome work everyone. Kill well deserved!

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Mythic: Kargath Bladefist (M-Team)

8% wipe on our first raid wasn't enough to bring him down; so a second raid on him proved us worthy of starting this raid instance on Mythic Smiling

Amazing job everyone!

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Heroic: Imperator Mar'gok (M-Team)

After a second full night on Imperator the Mythic team showed him we were able not to stand in mines and not blow each other up with abilities flying all over the place. A bit of a tactical discussion this one required, but definitely worked out very well after a near perfect execution. With all of heroic down, we'll be looking at Mythic mode very soon! Smiling

Awesome performance guys!

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