[Mythic] Nythendra

Truly a Mythic kill!

[Heroic] Guarm

Dead at last. Three heads is clearly not better than 17.

New Raiding System

Background to Changes

We set out raiding again in this expansion with no real expectations, we just wanted to see some of the content and have some fun.

As it turned out, we have done much better than we expected and this has resulted in the guild being split effectively into two, half wanting to continue casual relaxed raiding and half the guild wanting to push forward a little.

We have progressively realised that satisfying everyone in the current setup is an impossible task.

However, we want to maintain the founding idea of relaxed raiding as the core of Vigi raiding for this expansion.

As such we have discussed, at length, what options we to try and get the best of both worlds, and every option has positives and negatives.

New Approach

The solution we would like to try is to setup a dedicated heroic team, as part of the main raiding team.

Raid Loot System

We have had a lot of calls for various loot systems and now it is time to put the matter to rest.

We are raiding a very short raid week, with no attendance requirements and trying to be as open as possible to new people joining the guild and raiding with us.

We briefly experimented with master looter (a system we used when progress raiding in previously expansions), but it takes too much time and effort, which is better spent on clearing bosses. In addition any form of DKP will work against our approach of open raiding, as they are more suited to a fixed raiding team.

To use DKP fairly we would need to create a fixed team, with attendance requirements, etc and accept that new people joining the guild would be at a disadvantage, which might mean they will be less willing to join our raids. We are server 29th and not 3rd or 4th like we used to be, and so we are already struggling to find new members.

[Heroic] Odyn

Not only did we kill Odyn, we seemed to have taken his head off.

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