With Open Arms

A nerving kill where all had to come together in one go, gj all Smiling

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You could say that that cache was rare indeed...

After a small rusty start where we had to call off our attacks at 15% we kept on going and improving. Some hard chooses were made to not kill the boss until we were sure to keep it under 3 minutes. Then came the time where it was all-or-nothing and with small hope and a few seconds on the clock there was a "let's just kill it"-call and we managed to complete the job in 3 minutes and 0 seconds!

Congratulations everyone, excellent job! Smiling


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Val'anyr, Hammer of the Ancient Kings. Is ours! :D

We got there in the end! Yogg with 3 keepers is now dead. Witch gave us a bit more then just an achievement this time.

We got The guild and Novak a legendary!!

Congratulations mate Laughing out loud


Great job all, yet another excellent vigilantes raid Laughing out loud

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We broke his Heart!

Poor XT, he was just having some quiet time for himself walking back and forth between his scrap metal piles looking for the broken parts of his lost love, Misty the Dishwasher. Who was deconstructed by his evil twin brother ZT-002 the Constructor!

Then we come along and brake his heart, again!
Poor thing Sad

EXCELLENT work all, this was just what we needed! Yet again i have to say i'm proud to be apart of this guild Smiling

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Flame Levithan 4 Towers down!

Progress Team


Great job all!

After some time on this bugger, pyronite there and pyronite here it finally just all as it should and he went down.
I'm a bit ashamed for saying that i did not think we would get him tonight.

THANK YOU ALL for proving me wrong, can't be more happy for being wrong about something Smiling

With that now went past Blackrose again AND we are tie with Devious Intentions. AWESOME job Smiling
Heartbreaker next week!!

Proud of you all Laughing out loud

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