General down by the hands of the normal team

Excelent raid tonight by the normal team killing the General and bringing Yogg to phase 3. Gz all Smiling

Date: 2009/06/23

Normal Team:

Yogg Saron died tonight!

And so Yogg died tonight within only 2 raid days in Ulduar this week. Bloody nice job all as we are the first 4 day raid guild to down him on Doomhammer Smiling

Date: 2009/06/21

Progress Team:

Ompi's picture

Mimiron broke down again!

Normal Team

Good job guys!

General is next to experience the Vigiwrath of the normal team Laughing out loud

Date: 16/06/09

Fast kill on the General

Sweet raid tonight killing General Vezax Evil

Date: 2009/05/18

Progress Team:

Mimiron broke down tonight!

A very nice kill tonight gz all Smiling

Date: 2009/05/17

Progress Team:

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