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Anetheron down!

Our second evening in MH and another boss bites the dust, again on the second try ever.
This night it was Anetheron's time to die.

Good work everyone!

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Rage Winterchill down!

With our Mount Hyjal attunement campaign well underway and two very efficient raids this week we found ourself with some spare time and a full raid ready for MH.
After the second proper go Rage Winterchill had to give in already, marking our first Mound Hyjal bosskill!

Good work everyone!

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Kael'thas Sunstrider down!

After several days of hard work we finally were able to get all the pieces to fit and take down the Lord of the Blood Elves. Kael'thas Sunstrider is dead!

Now to finish attuning everyone and moving onto Mount Hyjal!

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Zul'Aman Complete

Vigilantes finally gave the residents of Zul Aman a chance to celebrate as Zul'Jin finally gave up his throne (or should I say wheelchair Eye-wink) and was sent packing back to his maker.

A challenging fight in parts but we wernt going away empty handed. Well done all Smiling

Gratz to all the loot winners, especially Jokkers who is probably this minute walking around Ikea in search of an enlarged wardrobe to hold all his new toys!

Kazzak & Doomwalker dead

We finally found the time to give Kazzak and Doomwalker a shot on the 20th of december 2007. Kazzak died on the second try and Doomwalker on first with 28-30 peeps.

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