Ignis, Freya and Thorim - all in one night!

Excelent focus tonight, gj all Smiling

Date: 2009/05/05

Progress Team:




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Love it
33% (16 votes)
22% (11 votes)
WTH you on about, what is this marmite stuff?
45% (22 votes)
Total votes: 49

Vigilantes gains a new friend ... Hodir!

Good job all on a nice kill Smiling

Date: 2009/04/28

Progress Team:

Cat lady Auriaya dead

No more anoying jumping cats ... until next week Evil

Date: 2009/04/27

Progress Team:

Normal Team:

Good job All!

Another sunday in Ulduar with Kologarn and The Iron Council down

Very good raid where all where focused, excelend all Smiling

date 2009/04/26

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