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progress team - performance [fun poll]

Bloody Awesome, we are doing way better than expectations
9% (4 votes)
Great, but I expected no less from our above average players
30% (14 votes)
Average, no better or worse than a guild of our level should do
47% (22 votes)
Poor, we should have 2-3 more bosses down by now
13% (6 votes)
Crap, we should be nearly cleared by now
2% (1 vote)
Total votes: 47

Legendary kills of Razorscale and XT-002 Deconstructor

Good raid and progress for our second night in Ulduar and big Gz to Novak for receiving the first piece to the legendary mace Smiling

date 2009/04/19

One shot on first boss in Ulduar

Nice way to start the T8 season with killing Flame Leviathan in first go- gj all Smiling

date: 2009/04/16

Sarth 3D killed!

Super fight and a well deserved kill!

date: 2009/02/16

Malygos dead and WotLK cleared ... for now :)

Malygos 25/10-man done!
Really a good raid night and gz all on a nice kill Smiling

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