Morogrim Tidewalker

The nasty Tidewalker falls to vigi 04/09/07 Smiling

Hydross + Lurker Down!

In an awesome raid night we downed both Hydross and Lurker for the 1st time!!

Void Reaver Down!

Woot well done all Smiling Only took us 3 tries Smiling

Void Reaver Down

Magtheridon Down!

Magtheridon finally bites the dust Smiling

Magtheridon Down

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The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 3

The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 3

Once again it is time for a new issue of the Vigi-Asylum Periodical with the latest events and gossip.

The last few weeks

Not long after issue 2 of the Vigi-Periodical the list of the officers’ areas of responsibility was released. Since then we have focused on our respective tasks even more.
To further improve that everybody who wants to discuss a matter or just has some questions is encouraged to turn to the officer responsible for the area in question. Of course every officer will be happy to discuss any matter, but turning to the directly responsible one might result in you getting more detailed information.
If you are in doubt though, just turn towards me or our 1st officer, Cragus, directly.

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