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To help us better know what we have and what we need, we would like to setup a new Raiders rank within the Guild.

Nothing really changes, other than people that want to be a Raider will get priority for spots in raid.

We won't be setting any attendance requirements etc, other than to say that if you vanish for a few weeks without telling us, we will demote you and assuming you have decided against raiding. This doesn't mean you can't ask to rejoin when you return.

Not being a Raider, doesn't prevent you from joining raids, it just means that you won't get priority if we are full or if we have too many of a specific class/spec.

Since we are trying to raid heroic content, the following really basic requirements apply

  1. You watch at least a boss vid for each boss, so you know vaguely what we are up against. Ideally more but 1 is enough to give a flavor

Trials of Valor

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Archimonde Normal

Still struggling to get consistent raids going after the summer break, but we still managed to add Archimonde to our kill list (with some outside help). Thanks everyone for putting in the time and effort!

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[Flex] Imperator Mar'Gok - Heroic

As we kept on progressing slowly throughout the night it was obvious we would win eventually, and so we did! Good job everyone involved, I allready said it but I'll repeat myself, I'm very proud of what we accomplished!

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[Flex] Imperator Mar'Gok

All in all it didn't take us too many wipes before we got him begging for mercy. One day later we also killed Ko'Ragh heroic, adding another new kill to our list. Now it's on to Imperator HC!
Conratulations on clearing 7/7!

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