TBC Trade Skills

Just something to get us by till we have get some cool new module for displaying ppl's trade skill data

So we know who can make what you can create your own book page and add it to the correct parent level.

keep adding your data!

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Princess Huhuran down!

grats to all loot winners Smiling

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Frankriss the Unyielding Down!

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Neffy dead

Tonight, the 20th of june, nefarian died at the hands of Vigilantes on the 4th attempt of the second (official) day of trying.

Congratulations to the loot winners Smiling

Event Signups

As you may (or may not) have gathered event signups are now held on this site, not the federation site. Please remember to check and signup to raids regularly.

For those still unsure when raid signups are available, noted by quite a few late signups recently, here it is:

Thursday Raids - Signups become available on Saturday nights at 2000.
Sunday Raids - Signups become available on Tuesday nights at 2000.
Tuesday Raids - Signups become available on Thursday night at 2000.

The raid status goes "green" 36hours before the actual raid, so please remember to check back then to see your status for that raid. Please note that all Reserves should still make it online for invites incase we need you.

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