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Kaz'rogal down!

Vigi's 4th visit to Mount Hyjal and another boss had to submit to us.
Today Kaz'rogal insisted on supplying the loot!

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T6 Loot Distribution Changes

T6 VRP will consist of both the Mount Hyjal and Black Temple instances.

It would be very easy to leave the VRP system for T6 unchanged as the T5 system has worked fairly well. Some of you may raise an eyebrow when I say that but for me it has done a decent job of achieving what we wanted it to achieve, i.e. rewarding people who have shown both high levels of performance and comitment with an increased chance of receiving loot. It has not been perfect but a perfect system is something that can not be achieved. What one person considers perfect is different from another persons view so we always have to compromise.

We have not taken the lazy approach though and have decided to make some changes in an attempt to ensure both comittment and performance are rewarded fairly. Below is a list of the changes we will be making for T6. Further explanation of some of these changes is detailed below this list.

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Anetheron down!

Our second evening in MH and another boss bites the dust, again on the second try ever.
This night it was Anetheron's time to die.

Good work everyone!

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Rage Winterchill down!

With our Mount Hyjal attunement campaign well underway and two very efficient raids this week we found ourself with some spare time and a full raid ready for MH.
After the second proper go Rage Winterchill had to give in already, marking our first Mound Hyjal bosskill!

Good work everyone!

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Kael'thas Sunstrider down!

After several days of hard work we finally were able to get all the pieces to fit and take down the Lord of the Blood Elves. Kael'thas Sunstrider is dead!

Now to finish attuning everyone and moving onto Mount Hyjal!

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