Solarian Down

Vigi down Solarian, nice work all. Just Vashj and Kael left to go Smiling

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Raid Rule Change - Extended Raids. PLEASE READ.

After carefully considering the results and comments made in response to the Vote on Extended Raiding we will be putting in place a provision to allow us to extend the Sunday raid. We will trial the system over the coming weeks to see if it does really help us or just causes to much chaos/drama.


Sunday raids MAY be classified as 'Extended'. Clear notification will be given in the Raid Title so that you know when a Raid is extended or not.

Al'ar Down

Good job all Smiling

FLK Down!

FLK proved to be easy meat, killed in just over an hour Smiling

Updating your Wishlists

Can everyone please update their wishlists for SSC and Gruul/Mag, even it it just means changing the date.
Some people have not updated since August?!!!!
New members please create one Smiling

I expect to see all dates recorded as at 01/10/07 (change of month is easier to see)
If you don't update you can be expecting the tax man to fine you Smiling

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