Leotheras Falls

After many a night with close calls he finally died!

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On learning: listening and following

There has been a lot of fuss about learning and raid performance lately, and based on recent raid experiences I don't think the comments will die down any time soon. Now I've never really agreed with the arguments presented by several others, as I believe everyone in the guild is intelligent enough to understand what they are to do. Instead I'll argue the fact that some people are too smart for their own good, myself included! Laughing out loud

Sure it wouldn't kill certain people to take a bit more time going over boss guides or watching a few movies, but most of the problems I've seen over the last few weeks don't stem from people not knowing what to do. Ironically. it comes from trying too hard.

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Fleshing out raid strategies

Ok guys I want to do a bit of a push to flesh out the backlog on raid strategies. Now this is a pretty time consuming task so I need some help to catch up. I'd love it if someone would work out everything, but just a little help would go a long way. The first step I go through is figuring out how many phases an encounter has, which add it has, and what abilities they have. From there I'll look at videos and read any guides I can find to get a feel for the fight, then write down all alternative tactics. These are my current notes on Al'ar:

Morogrim Tidewalker

The nasty Tidewalker falls to vigi 04/09/07 Smiling

Hydross + Lurker Down!

In an awesome raid night we downed both Hydross and Lurker for the 1st time!!

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