Void Reaver Down!

Woot well done all Smiling Only took us 3 tries Smiling

Void Reaver Down

Magtheridon Down!

Magtheridon finally bites the dust Smiling

Magtheridon Down

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Magtheridon is now within our sight. With this in mind Im creating this thread to try and capture the masses of comments that this fight will generate.

I think its fair to say that this fight will prove Vigi's biggest challenge to date. Personally Im really looking forward to that challenge. To succeed though were ALL gonna need to put in a lot of effort. Its a complicated fight where everybody is gonna need to be very clear on what their role is and what is expected of them.

Before we even step inside his lair/prison were ALL gonna need to understand what were up against. So EVERYONE MUST read up on this fight and take time to understand what happens in each of the phases and what abilities are used. Whilst your reading up on it think about how you might help to combat his abilities and help with the overall goal of making sure he dies instead of us.

You can find a desciption of his abilities, and some suggestions on how to kill him here...

Gruul Down!

Tonight vigi downed Gruul for the first time. We did it on the 13th grow, so superb effort from everyone Smiling

Gruul Down

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The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 2

The Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue 2

It is time for a new Vigi-Asylum Periodical Issue, a bit shorter this time but hopefully nonetheless interesting to read.

The last few weeks

Not long after the release of the first Vigi Periodical the Class Leaders made their (re-)introduction.
We have already seen an increased activity and some positive results. There is still more potential to it though. Class leaders keep pushing your members and vice versa, bug those class leaders some more with ideas on improvement that you come up with!

Vigi’s social side
We had good and bad things going on on the social side again.
On the bad side we lost Dewblood, Xtralarge and Novak. Best wishes to you guys on your future path!

Where there are negative things there are also positive ones: Kazuo got hold of one of the rare spots as a casual member. Welcome to Vigilantes Kazuo.

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