Raid Progress

Karazhan - Completed
Gruul's Lair - Completed
Magtheridon's Lair - In Progress

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New website features

It is now possible to use [item] links, either using the item name or the item id.

Currently there are about 12500 items in the database, but if you find anything that doesn't work let me know Smiling

It is now also possible for any guild member to go claim a character on the guild roster that doesn't belong to anyone yet, just follow the claim me link.

Finally the overall attendance statistics are now available on the events page: This wont always match the percentages on the events themselves, as they are based on the event start whereas the overall stats are based on the current time.

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Karazhan: 1 boss left


Terestian Illhoof

Only Netherspite left to kill !

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Guild, Raid & Rotation rules!

The officers have finished reviewing all the old rules, tossed out the stuff thats just fluff, and refined what was left into more practical and enforceable rules. Most of the rules will go into effect immediately, but for the first week or so officers will give friendly warnings instead of following through on the threats. This gives everyone in the guild a chance to get used to the altered rules, after a week the excuse "I didn't see or read them" will not fly.

Starting with Karazhan 16.1 the raid attendance rule will start kicking in. For the first week or so the bar will be set at 50%, those above will be given priority over those below 50%. Every week following the officers will evaluate the progress, and rise the requirements until we reach the goal of mainly having 75%+ attendance raids. There will be more information about this when we publish the attendance statistics.

On the subject of punishments, once you read through the rules you will see that some of the penalties include potential gold donations to the guild for breaking them. This is a bit of a trial project to see if it has the desired effect, if it turns out to cause problems or not be enough of a deterrent we will update the rules with other forms of penalty (potentially of the VRP type). In any case, avoiding most of the punishments should be easy enough with some respect and common sense.

In addition we will setup a new forum on the site where officers will post details about any rule violations. This will function both as a conduit for informing the membership at large about who has been bad lately, as well as allow us a record to more easily detect repeat offenders.

Enjoy the new rules, next up we will announce more in depth information on officer and class leaders tasks and responsibilities!

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The Vigi-Asylum Periodical

The Vigi-Asylum Periodical

After a friendly kick in the butt to get me moving again by officers, I am here again with the pleasure to introduce you the “Vigi-Asylum Periodical”. The core of this concept is to give the guild members a regular update (hoping for every two or three weeks) about what has been going on. It will report on how we have done from a social as well as a raiding perspective, what was good, what was bad, what the current hot topics are for the leadership and what to look forward to in upcoming weeks.

What is still needed is a good name (obviously) so feel free to post ideas on that.

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