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Raid Progress

Since people keep asking what we are up to here is a quick montage:

Shade of Aran

Prince Malchezaar

High King Maulgar

TBC Trade Skills

Just something to get us by till we have get some cool new module for displaying ppl's trade skill data

So we know who can make what you can create your own book page and add it to the correct parent level.

keep adding your data!

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Princess Huhuran down!

grats to all loot winners Smiling

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Frankriss the Unyielding Down!

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Respect the Applications

Restrict comments on applications to good and/or bad experiences with the players, or keep quiet if you have nothing to add.

I just had to remove a lot of unrelated comments, feel free to use this thread to discuss those issues instead.

And remember to be nice as some of you have a tendency to view the world a little too much in black and white. With a guild consisting of 100+ players it is virtually impossible to please everyone so learn to compromise (or keep quiet and trust the officers;).

Guild Leader

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