Previous gear from other guilds

With the new rules being rolled out very soon, just going over some things at the moment, part of this will include upgrades for all gear. It is therefore required of people that acquired gear, for example Tier 1, outside of Vigilantes like a previous guild, to give an accurate list of what you got.

We will use this information to enter into the dkp system in order to track future upgrades, without this information it will not work out and would be unfair to those who have gear from elsewhere.

Please avoid chit chat, i want to see lists here only!

PS: i dont need a list of the equipment you have got whilist in vigi, we already have that recorded in the dkp.

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Neffy dead

Tonight, the 20th of june, nefarian died at the hands of Vigilantes on the 4th attempt of the second (official) day of trying.

Congratulations to the loot winners Smiling

Alternative Character Raiding

Currently we are getting ready to introduce some new rules within our raiding side of the guild, one benefit of this would be the introduction of alts, primarily to start with in molten core.

If you are a regular raider, have a level 60 alt, would like to raid with an alt and would like to be considered in the alt lineup, please can you reply to this topic saying:

Main: Current Raider.
Alt 1: Your primary alt for raiding and class.
Alt 2: If you have others and are not bothered by which one raids then add them here.
Alt 3: same as above.
Alt 4: if you have 4 alts you have way too much time Sticking out tongue

This will give me a chance to see what classes and numbers we have about from those who want to raid with alts.



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So since our April sale worked out ok its time to expand into new markets. The old crafting mat threads didn't work as they are too much fuss to sort out.

This month we have 39 Nexus Crystals, 25 Lava Cores, 25 Fiery Cores, and 40 Core Leather to be handed out.

You can request one item and one enchant until June 9th, and the officers will use June 10th to sort out who should get items. We will be using attendence, VRP earned, as well as previous items/enchants given as a basis for the order.

Any requests made before in other posts are null and void so make sure you post a new requests

Requests should be in the form of: "I need X to get Y made by Z, and I have all the other mats available."

No chit chat!

Thread closed while we figure out who gets what

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LFM Raiders

Due to signups picking up for a bit then dropping back down again we have decided to expand our regular raiders with the following:

Druid: 1
Hunter: 2
Mage: 1
Paladin: 2
Rogue: 1
Warlock: 1

This might mean more rotations in the future, but at this stage we have decided that having people sit out a raid now and then is preferable to everyone not getting to raid.

By regular we mean will attend at least 2 of the 40 man raids every week, and is willing to make the effort to come on time and prepared.

If this sounds like you, or you know someone who fits the bill let us know so we can take the necessary steps to make it happen. MC/BWL experience is ofcourse a plus, but we have pretty good experience at training new people at this stage so it shouldn't be a problem.

If we can't find enough people in guild already or from our friends, we will make a more public annoucement to find strangers.

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